Gloomy Start to November

Oh what a dreary beginning to November! Past couple of days have been wet and windy, the kids were tested last night by mother nature’s drizzle. We didn’t get any trick-or-treat’rs on this dead end of a quiet neighborhood. Which is fine by me.. we just watched scary movies all night after getting groceries and ordering Chinese food. Our old apartment a few years ago we learned to disconnect the doorbell as the area was crawling with kids and no light or decoration wasn’t a clear enough indication for most. My rockin neighbors carved up a couple of awesome pumpkins to celebrate Samhain. Next year I will join them and scheme some scary decorations together.
I’ve been knitting lately and finally decided that I needed my own new hat. After figuring out which size circular needles I had already (Thankfully to the Little Red Mitten for keeping record!) as beautiful as the needles are, they are not marked for size which tends to be a little frustrating for me when I haven’t been able to come up with a proper storage system for my tools. There are so many choices I’m not sure where to start however being that I will need circular, DPN’s and hook of each size I tend to lean towards a grouping of sizes with all the tools rather than each tool type together. Keep all the tools that could be needed for a project close together. The next thing I wonder is how to do this. I start to picture a photo album style case where each page is a size. I just wonder how to make it stylish as well as stiff, it’s going to be a trip to the big craft store in the big city.


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  1. joy2498 says:

    Even gloomier end to November! 21 Days until we get more daylight!

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