Another Year Older

After high school the years seem to have just flown by. My birthday was a couple weekends ago and we cooked turkey! It was fantastic. After getting everything started in the morning we spent the day cleaning and then I was off to pick up Bestie and Hubs was off to pick up another. He returned before I did so Linds and I walked into a houseful. The guys were picking on my friend’s sweet little 7 year old daughter and I would say, she won. I think everyone had fun and the meal was delicious. It was great to have people over laughing and having fun, it was all I could ever ask for.

At the end of October Hubs gave me some money allowing me to order the coat I wanted and I received it this week.
It’s a perfect fit!
The asymmetrical zipper is something I will need to get used to along with the longer sleeves that don’t suck in at the wrists. It’s really nice and the wind is no longer a problem at all. Silk lining is a must have. I am very happy with the coat and now am in need of getting my good boots fixed. Next week I’ll head back into the city and get a pricing on a heel tip. The recommended repair shop is in the high end mall so I hope that I will be able to understand them as well as get a reasonable price. The heels are completely fine otherwise and I love them, it would be sad to not be able to fix the tip.
This coat is the first real coat I’ve had in years. I have a snowboarding coat that’s….. 13 years old. And I hand this black crappy $20 coat that’s a terrible style and I only have it because I needed something more to the snowboarding coat. I hate it.
But now….
It feels aaaammaaazzziinnggg!!
Just slip on my new coat that fits in every way and looks great! I’ve never cared about what others think but there is still something about actually liking what your wearing.
Now just need a real pair of winter boots. Something that will handle ice fishing. And I will be set for a few years to come.

I’ve been busy knitting slouchy berets lately. The purple one I made for myself, the first one I made, I now realize I added a few extra rows and was much longer than it should be… It’s been ripped apart and redone now. Loving this pattern. Sister’s hat is going to be mailed out tomorrow morning. I’m just considering a small tag to sew on. Next is to find a men’s pattern for Hubs as well as find the right colour for him. I’ve seen something really interesting, I believe it was called galaxy, it’s black with bits of metallic colours. Not girlie sparkles though. It seems the Mitten doesn’t have it… It may be time I check out the yarn stores in the big city!
Anyways that my little update!
Blessed be lovelies!


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