Damn tooth!

Tooth pain.
Such a horrible pain.
I’ve been blessed with four impacted wisdom teeth and a cavity that has grown into a root canal which can’t wait long enough so it’s scheduled to be pulled next week. It took a lot for me to come to terms with the idea of pulling a tooth but I will get a fake one eventually. Things have been prioritized and just waiting for a call back in order to start extracting the wisdom teeth. Thankfully once those extra teeth are gone, they are gone and simply cannot cause any more issues. I wish the dentist had some logic in her to pull them when I was still covered under my parents dental, or that they had any concern about my health over their own child. Something I have learned for my own kids. The sooner I get it all done the better and then I will do a week detox and get all the meds out of my system. Get back to being healthy. Good news is the doc in Emerg said there is no infection or swelling. So the oil pulling is working and I will continue to do it as a morning régime before my tea with raspberry leaf. It’s just starting to feel like my jaw is rejecting this root I cannot wait to be rid of it.

So my keyboard was slowly dying over the past year. It was abused.. I’ll have to admit it wasn’t taken care of until recently it was stepped on and stopped functioning fully. Hubs had already gotten a new keyboard for me for Christmas but I started complaining and said I was going to have to get a new one next week. I got to open a present early hehehe. It’s really nice combo wireless. I’m not a fan of the mouse more because I favor smaller ones. The keyboard is really nice. Especially for sitting on the couch using a TV. It’s wide and sleek with volume and all the required media watching buttons. Hubs is so hard to buy for and his birthday is soon along with Christmas/Yule. Next to the fact that with these dentist bills I won’t be doing anything on time for him. I’m planning on going a little more all out for our anniversary this year since I do have some time still to plan that. Then there is the question, what do you get a man for an anniversary?! The best I ever did was a pocket watch for an ex who liked pocket watches. That doesn’t work with Hubs. He’s a rather simple but complicated man. Never known him to wear jewelry but usually that’s something that’s gifted to people isn’t’ it? Everything I can think of for a gift is like kitchenware would be to a woman. Exciting if it’s what was wanted, practical but not something that will raise a complaint. I did learn last Yule that fishing line wasn’t a good idea as there is an expiry with that along with the various types and what is going to be used for which breed. He has a fillet knife he loves and has had for eons.
I’ll have to get creative.
I’ll come up with something one way or another.

The furballs will get a treat of some sort. Another one of their favorite toys as a back up otherwise, they are pretty darn happy chasing the balls of wrapping paper around.
It snowed here for a day or so and then was gone, which is typical for this area. The forecast is saying a storm this weekend with possible snow fall up to 20 cm. I am looking forward to the beauty of winter to arrive. Cover up all the dying grasses and highlight the trees. Plus leaves just keep blows up beside my steps and there’s too many for the green bin so I scatter them to the back lawn hoping they will scatter a bit more. Will be good to fill the gardens up with leaves in the upcoming years, just a matter of putting it in this spring which the landlord seems to be happy about. My own 16×16 foot garden right out my back door will be beautiful. I will just grow teas at the community garden now.
Anyways, enough of my rambling, I’ve got to hang up some more plants and get thinking about gift ideas for hubs!
Blessed be lovelies ~



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