The past couple days have been a little better pain wise… Today being the better of all however Hubs and I just dug 3ft deep of snow… 50yrds or so to get to the unplowed road. Luckily some other vehicles had be able to drive about earlier and there wasn’t a need to shovel that as well. My car essentially has disappeared. Once Hubs got his truck out I shoved the snow off my car to the empty spot beside it. In front of my car is 5 ft of snow, over the knee deep
My ears have never liked the cold and since it’s all linked together it’s becoming sore. Rinsing with warm salt water helps. Also I have been soaking the tooth with tea tree oil for as long as I can manage it which I think contributed to the swelling in my chin/jawline going down for today. I’ve done it again and am trying heat instead of ice for now. It will take me easily half the day tomorrow to relocate the snow blocking my car in. Then to find out emergency wisdom tooth extraction time. It’s going to be such a glorious thing to have those teeth gone finally. Almost life changing at this point. Sounds so silly but while your in pain, life really becomes just managing the pain and nothing more. I’ve done good today and managed to just take two Tylenol (the last of what I have) and haven’t taken a t3 yet. I only have two left and I’d rather not take them if I don’t have to.
I’ve grown up with TMJ, grinding my teeth in my sleep, most likely brought on by PTSD as a toddler. It’s an awful thing to have and I really have to appreciate what Hubs puts up with to cuddle with me at night. So when I’m more stressed out or anxious I tend to clench my teeth and I don’t notice until my jaw becomes quiet sore. My bad tooth, has raised up some and I have this terrible urge to just clench my teeth together.
I keep having to tell myself the end is near. If the wisdom teeth aren’t out in the next couple days, the bad tooth will be out Thursday. That alone is going to be a great relief!

I just finished digging out my 5ft cube of snow encasing my car. The plow finally came by but with the expectation that everyone was capable of moving their vehicles. It took some time but it’s all be cleared out as best as can be done with out a blower to throw the snow across the lot. It is going to be an interesting winter.
Besides getting the laundry done and snow removal, I started printing more patterns today. Got a chart of needles sizes I have and don’t have. They are small patterns and I’m loving the Berroco Vintage Wool oooooh and the Mitten has brought in a new multi colour yarn. I am not typically one to like these multi colour anything. A bit too much for me. But I must mention if you open our closet… it’s black. Some colour on my side but mainly black so more than one colour on one project is a
bit busy for me. However… I would like to try this yarn our on a could baby projects. I will have to look for a photo in the morning.
It’s getting late and the more sleep I get the better with now.
Blessed be

madelinetosh tosh dk – Thunderstorm


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