A Sewing Machine & a Need for Crochet Storage..

I’ve been debating how I want to store my knitting things and have come upon a design I think will work the best. I just need something for now since it’s all becoming just such a headache. So I got some cheap pre-cut rectangles at Nazi-mart and cleared off the kitchen table.

My desk just wasn’t enough room

I took a sewing class in high school a decade ago and really I can’t recall completing any projects aside from repairs or a hemming since then.
My sewing machine has a little history and I just love it.
It was a Christmas present from my family and they had kept giving me clues as to what the gift was.
Clues included:
It has gold..
… moving parts..
….they tortured me and all I was praying for was a sewing machine. Weeks went on with little pokes and jokes about it.
Then the big day came and I’m just eyeing up this gift that’s the perfect size.. the right shape.. and MY name on it! I was so giddy! It was such a fun Christmas. I believe it was Gurty’s first Christmas with us or she was brought home the spring after (the little black pug). I ripped off that wrapping paper and grinned.. thinking they had really pulled a good one by getting a sewing machine box. I opened the box and pulled the styrofoam insert out to check and was delighted as fuck it was really a sewing machine!


Anyways, I had figured out this machine, the tension was right, the set up was just what I needed. Nothing fancy but not just three stitch abilities. Not even a singer. I had THIS machine down even though I really didn’t make anything. My ex had this gigantic jean blanket that had squares that needed to be replaced so I spent months slowly ripping the seams apart and then tediously tracing out new squares from the old ones that were salvageable. A CD case was my method of size. I started to sew a few together and then life struck and things got moved and shipped and turned upside down.
I didn’t have the machine for 5 years. Mum had started using it to resurrect the jean blanket for a family friend’s baby boy. Lift struck again leaving the blanket unfinished.
This year my dad gave me one of his sewing machines but alas it was old, and parts had broken on the inside and to be blunt.. I could barely carry it. I couldn’t get it to work and started a search for a machine. I read review after review and started to miss my machine even more.
Then one day, some smiling faces came for a visit and brought it back. My family had found it in the house or barn or where ever it was (assuming barn by the piece of hay and missing rubber feet) I plugged that old friend in and gave her a test run…. BLISS. It runs, the tension is right, all of the parts are there except for a bit of light machine oil. I need to pick some oil up and give it a really good cleaning and oiling.
So last night I figured why not just make a crochet hook holder? I mean once I get my collection I will make the one I want and gift this one to someone or find somewhere or someone to donate it too. Hell.. sister is learning the crafty ways maybe it will become her first full set.

Getting my sew on!
Crochet hook holder
Everything fits nicely!
Crochet hook holder
Looks like I trimmed the corner a little too much that to corner untucked.
Still happy with it.
Crochet hook holder
Now for a button!
Hub’s trying to get the old machine to work in April

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