Berroco Breezeway

I’ve been loving Berroco’s Vintage wool lately. I completed another Slouchy Beret for a friend and got more of the same colour. Breezeway. I love it. There’s a few baby patterns I have been eyeing to make but they are not free ones so they will wait a little longer. So instead I made a man beanie… actually called The Regular Guy Beanie. I like how it turned out but for myself I will make it a bit smaller depth wise.

It was just such a quick knit. Hub’s wants one in black and is afraid it isn’t thick enough. So I will hunt down something a bit thicker and just adjust the pattern as needed to get the size if I can’t just find another pattern for that weight of yarn. Raverly has been the best site for finding patterns.  Now I just need to get my hands on some black to make for the recent requests from friends for the Man Beanie.

I have been thinking about doing a WIP segment on here. Taking that into consideration the only WIP I currently have on the go is last winter’s Beekeeper’s Blanket and that’s it. I have about an inch of printed off patterns I would like to make and along with that started the Needle Needed list. It’s very slowly growing.. most recently added Knit Picks US2 – 2.75mm DPN’s to the collection. Might actually be able to call it a collection now containing three sizes and two circular points.
It’s been nice to have the little organization the crochet hook holder has provided. I don’t have many crochet hooks but just getting them out of my little case of knitting has really made a difference.
And that’s my knitting update!
Blessed Be!


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