Ms Pixie is Home with Friends

Remember the Pixie grape vine? I tried to find a photo of when I first brought her home but I failed and ended up sorting out types of plants for sets to make sharing their progress easier.

I had messaged The Garden Geeks to actually touch base with some pros and ask a couple of questions. Ms Pixie keeps loosing leaves so I was in need of some social interaction (or reassurance) on what I was doing wrong. I knew she needed to be repotted, that she didn’t have good drainage and I was worrying about over watering but also under watered and that’s how I think she’s growing more leaves but also dropping them.
So she’s not in a Perlite-Organic Compost-Top Soil mixture and also in a beautiful clay pot that is now her home and I think she should thrive there nicely. Plus I can carry her inside and outside when needed. I am excited to see how she does and am going to make up a beautiful trellis for her to lean and rest on.
Now I came upon this clay pot in my search for Neem Oil. My go to green house (isn’t the best one around but it’s the one I love going to the most) Family Flowers. I love walking in and knowing where to look, and that 75% of the time the family dog is greeting everyone by the door, if not the orange and cream kitty is surely snoozing somewhere or ready for a snuggle. The cat will accompany me through the pots and decorations. I think why I tend to end up at this greenhouse because they actually put labels on their rooted cuttings.
I couldn’t stop myself when I saw the Krimson Queen and the Pink Pepperomia. Now I picked the pot and these two plants up last. I had gone to this greenhouse first but was told that Neem Oil wasn’t being brought into Canada anymore (she was thinking of something else I believe) so I opted to go to the greenhouse on the edge if the neighboring city, where I had seen Neem Oil before. I went there and not being familiar with this place became a little lost and just started wandering knowing there was more tropical plants here than the other greenhouses. The Monstera there is also beautiful and huge where the Monsters at Family Flowers has actually become part of the indoor pond and just apart of the store, I’m so used to seeing it and know it doesn’t move that when I see one in a pot I’m looking at how it’s being supported and cared for, I hope my Monstera get nice and big in time. Even with it being small my kitchen nook is jungle like.
At this greenhouse I spotted a dark green round leaf plant – Pepperomia – I had recalled wanting this plant when I had seen it online during the many wasted minutes on pinterest. Only this one isn’t the strangest looking one but regardless it was the only pot there and something different.. and under $2 so I picked that up and continued to wander around finally coming across a stand with Neem Oil and other foliage sheen products. Finally with my weapon of choice I pay and get back home.
At this point I realized I had completely forgotten about picking up a bag of Perlite and really wanted to get Ms. Pixie dealt with so she could be on the mend asap. Off I went and also decided to pick up the $12 clay pot that I am extremely happy with.

With a nice sturdy trellis of wood or metal and some contrasting dark green moss she will be quiet content and beautiful here.

I am in love with the results.

The new additions:

Krimson Queen Carnosa
Peperomia clusifolia Tricolor Variegated
Peperomia Obtusifolia

And lastly… while picking up milk at the local market I picked up some locally made bar soap Wildberry & Lavendar


Blessed Be!


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