2013 in a Nutshell

Are you looking forward to a new year?? I sure am!

This year certainly hasn’t been my worst year yet. Nor has it been great.

It was the first time I had ever been laid off – and it was done much more like a firing t’was sneaky and low.

I finally got my own car – the day I was laid off – hahahaha!

I worked a temporary job for a few months. – good experience

I struggled with job searching.

A family emergency that ended with good health thankfully.

An eviction for the landlord’s daughter to have a house – which lead to us getting a bigger and cheaper place.

Gave a toxic relationship another chance to learn we have grown but they have not so it was still toxic – not a surprise at all.

Another year that strengthened relationships bringing family and love closer together.

There was a lot of growth this year for everyone. I may not have gotten ahead in the “game of life” as I don’t have a bank account or career but I have grown and started to find an inner peace I have never had before.

I have to thank Hubs for standing by my side through everything and ending the year wonderfully. He has been supportive and loving. Our relationship has really grown.

Hubs really started getting into the holidays and gift giving this year. He was the one who put up the Christmas tree so he could start putting gifts under it and he spoiled me! Lots of knitting supplies and three balls of this Sashay yarn that makes ruffle scarves. He even gets excited for family gatherings and wants to go early. His sisters kids are just adorable and the older kids are now at an age where we can be a little more open and joking with. We’ve started having a lot of fun with them.

I didn’t accomplish nearly what I had hoped being held back financially.

I did however become apart of the community gardeners and learn from them.

I have a good collection of plants to care for.

My cats are very happy in the new place, have more room to run around and are active and healthy – Marvin’s dry skin scab reaction to fleas hasn’t flared up since a friend gave me this amazing natural powder that treats fleas at all stages. So they just get powderized once and a while to be sure they are flea-free.

My bearded dragons are nearing the end of their lives, the tell tale sign if old age is showing – yellowing of the gums. Puff, my female, is 9 years old and I’m not sure of Bruno’s age, assuming he is around Puff’s age, could be older. Breeding can shorten their life span as well and Puff has gained weight however not nearly as much as I would like her to. We will see how the next year plays out with them, but it will be a silkworm and butterworm filled year.

I have quiet a few plans for 2014.
Mainly DIY projects as I do love building and creating.

1. A corner TV stand, taller than those coffee table height stands everyone seems to have. I end up sitting on the floor to view comfortably. ($30)

2. A display unit for some glassware which would also double as a window seat for the cats in the living room. ($40)

3. Some floating shelves for the largest wall. I have not completely planned where I want these quiet yet. I have a vision for an outdoors wall, the deer is hung there and plans for some of 2013’s best fishing photos will go there. Also some antique fishing gear will be displayed around the house as well.

4. Get two more canvases for the three canvas wide oil painting for behind the couch. ($3 each JFSK) I will also need to pick up oil paints and brushes to complete this large project.

5. A bed in the spare room along with bookshelves and my desk to be fully functional and organized. I’m always looking for something. I’ve really fallen in love with Murphy beds.

6. A stand for the longest tank. Hubs has some great ideas for this tank and I believe he is looking for a beautiful basilisk or a frilled dragon baby for this tank.
The spare room is going to have the 18x18x18 terrarium “built” into the book shelf.
My 50 gal tank will be set up for salt water aquarium.
I believe we will get rid of the 70 gal tank Puff is currently in.

All this stuff I will draw blue prints up for first, the TV and display unit already done and hopefully to be completed before spring.

Health wise I would like to get a freezer finally to start making and freezing meals. Getting roasts from local farmers and all that.

Cheers to a new year!


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