What A Week!

This week has been fantastic for me but weather wise not so much.
It just flew by and I love when it does that. The weather on the other hand has forced me to actually buy winter boots for the first time since living in Thunder Bay and I still have those Lugs.
Another week has passed since I stared this blurb of a post and I still find the title appropriate. A woman having a mini-stroke and having to flagged down fire an EMS. Figuring out what’s wrong with my car – hopefully a couple very simple parts will get my little gem up and running again. A thermostat and a slave cylinder seems to be the issues as well as wearing the donut, so she gets the TLC she so desperately needs, but a used tire until the spring and I can then get a good set of tires if she’s still purring.
I think this weekend is going to be a relaxing one as the slave cylinder will be in the shop in Tuesday for me to pick up. Thankfully this is something I can change at home, along with having a mechanic of a neighbor I can snagged some tools off of. I miss my car!
The boots I got were a good investment. Winter is actually here this year and it’s snowing as I type this.. I will need to shovel in the morning.

My garden is flourishing.
The banana plant has a shoot coming up now. I will load photos tomorrow.
Everything is doing well and I think pixie is on the mend from my watering neglect. She got a glass bottle water reserve now that seems to be helping. Tomorrow I will pick up a couple pots to hang for the goldfish plants.

I have been asked to lead a learning garden in the community garden. I am very interested in what it will involve, but am hesitant however the one “main guy” at the plot I currently garden at is a dictator. He is overbearing and controlling and my understanding is that he has run many people out of the community on this site. A couple people were able to relocate to the other site in avoidance. A third site has be secured and is in an area of town that would be ideal for a children’s garden and I think it would be a success after a few years of growth. The third location is basically a football field away from home so that’s also a bonus.
We will see how things go. I am excited to garden in two raised plots this year. The community plot with teas and backyard plot with veggies.

Spring is getting closer and it is going to be a very dear sight to see after this winter.

Blessed be lovelies!!


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