Tooth Day

Tomorrow morning I finally get this problematic tooth dealt with.

I hate dentists. It wasn’t always so, I loved my first dentist, Dr. Doan, was amazing. After he moved practice to the neighboring city Dr Popp took over the practice in my small town. She was awful and fat and her fat little fingers…. “Open… Open… Bigger…” I wanted at a young age to tell her that her fingers were just too fat and that going there hurt the corners of my mouth, but I couldn’t do that. I asked why we couldn’t simply keep going to Dr Doan, we went to the mall he woks in all the time and it’s only 15-20 mins to get there. Plus I also knew one of my closest friend’s mother worked there. But the parents wouldn’t have it. The fillings she’s done have broken and the new Dr in the same building fixed it years later and now that same tooth is being removed. It’s going to be really weird not to have that tooth anymore. I am nervous about getting it removed but am assured by the Bestie that it’s a simple procedure and really quick. Not having the pain or having to specifically clean and get that one even more and always after eating is going to be strange. It’s the beginning to the end of what work is needed. All of it I wish was already done with.


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