I always long for spring.

Then it’s like all of a sudden it’s here and I still haven’t made a full plan of attack quiet yet.
I’ve started collecting parts for another project that I’m extremely excited about but this is all I can say about it as it remains to be a surprise.
At least this year it was only a matter of getting pots and trays, after unpacking and setting up the mini greenhouse. Hubs and I got to picking out the seeds we want from Cubits, a local organic family run seed company, and will be purchasing this week. I hope to have them early next week and planted. 60 little pots have been packed with dirt and heavily watered in preparation for the seeds and I still need more pots. I have three gardens to maintain this year along with a learning garden for the community. One garden will be all salad leaves since it’s a full shade garden I hope to get a good crop with the location. The community plot will be teas. I have yet to make a list and already know there’s spearmint on site so peppermint will have to stay in the backyard to stay a true peppermint. Peas, onions and potatoes I still need to pick up. The community garden has tomatoes and garlic so now that I know more about how everything runs I will do more with the tomato patch. I also need to come up with a plan for the Learning Garden. I decided long ago that a strawberry wall is much needed. An area where kids can run to and water. Easy to see and reach the fruit without trampling through the garden and also easy to have each child water what they can reach and the adult give the upper levels a quick watering. I think this will be a good starting point as well as either cover for the water barrel or as a fence to deter the deer. I also want to start a living fence to give us an upper hand with the deer. See what everyone else thinks and how the local kids would react to it or if it would simply funnel the deer down the path the kids blaze along the little stream. Only time will tell I suppose and I won’t be in this town to find out anyways.
I am really excited about spring and planting. This is going to be a work filled season but I hope to achieve a lot.
What are you planting this year? What are you struggles??
I am going to try ground cherries!

Blessed be everyone


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