Spring, where art tho?

The weeks have been flying by.

Cabin fever is at an all time high. I’ve shoveled off the backyard plot area in anticipation of putting in the raised bed. Seeds have been ordered and mail out tomorrow.
The greenhouse has sprouts. They may only be pea sprouts but they are good cover for my bathroom window and stay in a container so I will get a rather early harvest of peas this spring.
The end of March is nearing and I would really like some warmer weather. I am Canadian and have lived through harsher winters so this isn’t abnormal. It just hasn’t happened for some time now and the majority of the city folk are in denial of living in Canada and forget that this is actually normal. The week that just passed, to look back at the same week a year ago, the temps were 21 degrees above zero whereas in 2014 the temps are still below zero for the better part of the week. I keep telling myself next week is going to be more springlike temps.
I am excited to receive seeds this week. I ordered from a local family business, a few cities away, called Cubits. Free shipping within Canada and they also have some wonderful videos on YouTube. Hubs and GT question why not just buy seeds from Walmart or the like but I have geared my purchases towards family businesses and I want organic seed. So whatever Cubits doesn’t carry I will find elsewhere but organic.
With my job I accumulate these little, thick cardboard, tubes that I haven’t been able to throw away. I want to repurpose them somehow and last week envisioned a craft with the Community Garden kids. Something to get a “Learning Garden” started like I have been asked if I could start. So I am hoping to be able to use these in a bug hotel craft. Certainly isn’t bamboo or going to be a long used craft, but something fun to do while the adults are getting the seedlings started and such. Hopefully I can collect enough of these tubes up to do this, and that ya even do-able. At first I was thinking they could be castle towers for fairy houses in the garden but they are too small in my opinion. Keeping an open mind about them and see what else I can come up with or I will see if a daycare can come up with a craft and donate them.
I can’t wait to get my salad garden cleaned up and planted. It’s going to be soooo pretty and colourful! There’s so much to do and yet the weather stops much of it.
It’s been much nicer to be realistic. I walk my neighbors dog and Ruby & I have been enjoying not freezing for the few minutes spent outside. She’s a great walking companion and also silly. I am looking forward to wandering down the road to the woods and the walking paths within. I’m not sure if Ruby has been yet, her grandparents have a farm so it’s much easier to go there. I am just looking for that little extra exercise. Plus my neighboreeno is so wonderful and even got me a beautiful ladybug covered thermometer and matching decorative shovel. She’s such a doll.
Old Man Winter is really making us appreciate Lady Spring. The willow trees have really started growing and the Robins are chirping and flying about the tree branches. It had gotten so cold there were no birds to watch. My bird bath has turned into a large seed offering bowl now and the chipmunk is loving it as Marvin and Boog. I will need to get their harnesses out this week and make sure they are in good repair. Marvin is on a diet and has some weight to loose still so getting him outside running to the fence and back will be great but won’t happen for some time… The back or the yard will be swampy.
I am trying to post more often. I keep saying this. One of these days I will finally get a laptop and start to post regularily. Til then I will try to at least get some written posts up.
I have many photos to share however Flickr isn’t very sharing friendly via mobile.
Happy Gardening,
Love and Light
Blessed be lovelies.


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