Less Snow & Above Zero?

It’s starting to look a little more like spring here. I think it has been windy 90% of 2014 which makes it cold but it hasn’t snowed enough to accumulate and it is starting to get warmer.
My work uses distilled water in the kettle and fancy coffee machine (I don’t use) and I found someone who could use the 4L bottles for a kids bottle garden project. I’m glad they could be useful instead of going to recycling, I had thought someone would like them for underground watering rather than the 599mL bottle watering system seen all over Pinterest. So now I am wondering how I could use these at the community garden – the Learning Garden. The community board was trying to get ahold of me this week but I had been too busy to get back to her. Hopefully our lines will cross this week and I can get a better idea of what everyone else envisions this learning garden to be. I have a thousand or so ideas already – more perennial plants than anything and some obstacles for the deer to help deter their presence. Too many ideas.
So today Hubs and I ventured out to one of the greenhouses and as soon as we got in the doors I saw the plant I had killed last winter/spring… The String of Pearls. It’s in a little pot and well rooted – the last one was not. I will stick to the once a month watering and find a nice place to hang it in. It looks like a healthy plant with two buds and two blossoms. There is also many little pearls starting. I’m exciting to get this back into the collection.
The Purple Wandering Jew is really doing well. I am thinking about moving it. If I could get a nice hook and put it in the hallway I think everyone would enjoy it’s striking purple colour and add some freshness to the place. It will need a retractable cord though and I have yet to find ones I like. I have seen small ones in offices and all I can find are ones about the size of my hand. I may just have to look online.
The Goldfish cuttings are doing well. Two of the pots I can actually call plants. One is going to a friend as a housewarming gift.
The Burro Tail I have a difficult time telling if it’s doing well or not. I try my absolute best not to over or underwater it – I should revisit it’s watering needs again.
The Hoyas have been hung. I will need to look back at photos to see which ones have grown and by how much. I think each one has a new leaf or two.
The Marble Queen Pothos is thriving. I’ve had this plant for almost 5 years now and it barely grew until we moved into this place. Like it’s living the positive vibes here.
The Silver Pothos has taken a beating. One of the three cuttings seems to be alive still. I may get another small pot of it.
My friend commented on all the plants…. Saying he would forget to water them all. Yet I tend to over water because I enjoy the time spent gardening. Next summer he will be exclaiming how big everything is and how this my place is a jungle.
The Monstera is going to need center rooting support soon and has new leaves almost weekly. After the outdoor gardens are set up I plan to give these guys some attention. They get misted often and leaves wiped down … I will needs to get more neem oil.
I have pulled up the Medusa Peppers I cut back the roots of one of the three I had and planted into a tiny pot to see how it reacts. I’m no longer interested having it anymore.
The Lemon Seedlings are doing well but unfortunately most of the dual stems, one stem did not survive, even after transplanting and being sure one wasn’t being choked. Oh well.. I tried and I still have the main stem. I am looking forward to the leaves becoming fragrant. They are still small and a few of them have been transplanted into slightly larger pots. Warmer weather and real sun should be a real treat for them.
My bearded dragons will love basking again. This year we have decided to build a couple of proper outdoor tanks for them in the salad garden to they will be able to be outside, protected, absorb real sunlight and UV but also be out of the harsh direct sunlight we have now, even if they are desert reptiles. They are always weary of birds and watch above them.>



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