Rock Island Shawl

This is the most difficult pattern I have attempted yet. Everything I have do I have found simple. In all honest all knitting is, is following written instruction.
This pattern is my first lace pattern. The lace I’ve done before is every other row is a knit or a purl row. Very easy to read the pattern and know what round or row you are on.
Rock Island Shawl is lace on both rows and I just can’t tell right away if I’ve done it right or dropped a stich. Hell if I do drop a stitch I have no idea of how I could tell where or how to pick it up.
I’ve knitting about an inch so far and set it down for a few days to come back to. Now, because I am odd, I will take a good look at it and try to read the stitches and pull at it to see if I can see the pattern in it and ultimately rip it and start over and fresh. I decided to write the pattern out too… Which helps me in ways.
Thankfully the pattern doesn’t start off with 300 or so stitches or I would be really upset to be pulling and inch of that off my needles.
I wandered through the local yarn store, The Little Red Mitten, taking in all the textures and colours a few weeks ago and came across Ella Rae’s Denim Rose Merino Lace.


I think it’s¬†pretty although¬†I do tend to steer clear of the died colours because I just don’t think the patterns I pick would look good. I’m taking that chance and trying it with this pattern.. I do really like the shawl in the dark purple that it’s shown in on



And for a glimps of the pattern….








Rock Island Shawl by Brooklyntweed (flickr) and Jared Flood (raverly)

Hopefully it will turn out amazing.
Now to get back to knitting….
Blessed Be!


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