Crystals – Citrine

Something I love is crystals.
I finally started my collection and got amethyst, citrine, crystal quartz and two Tibetan crystal quartz double point. I am very happy they finally arrived and to wear them.
It was amazing to open the mail box and see this package there waiting for me. I’ve put all the pendants on string for a stacking necklace. The Tibetan crystals I’m not sure how I will use them quiet yet.
I need to sit as determine what each does. I’ve looked into so many different crystals over the last few weeks it all blurs together at times by I do retain odd facts.

Soo lets start with Citrine :
The success stone.
Citrine enhances mental clarity, confidence, happiness and will power. Overcomes depression, fortifies nerves. Reactivates the will for life supports confidence encourages self-expression creativity. Also is said to increase and magnify personal energy, intuition and power.
This crystal brings good fortune and self-confidence. Improving business success and invites prosperity strengthen the self-healing.
Also used for anti-nightmare, protection, optimism, and psychism.
Citrine never needs to be cleansed and cleanses other stones and your subtle bodies, solar plexus, naval and crown chakras.

Now to really research the rest…
Blessed be!


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