So this Rock Island shawl… I’m now on take 3.
I managed to complete the 71 repeats of the lace edging pattern but it seems I had a few extra rows.
So I’ve started again and it’s amazing how much faster the pattern is to do the second time around. Learned how to read the stitches a little better and I think the colour is actually going to look good – I still reserve judgement on that part though! Until it’s done.. then blocking. I’m about about 30 points completed, only 41 more left. The next part of the pattern is worded really funny to me. I’m going to have to just follow the pattern and not think about the numbers as long as I have the right amount of stitches from the start it will all come together. I hope I can get another dozen point done this evening and get to the body of the shawl by the weekend.
Now to get my ass in gear!

Blessed Be


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