Shawl update

I completed knitting the Rock Island Shawl by Jared Flood this weekend. It’s huge! I have not blocked it yet and want to do this right. This is the first piece I will block. I don’t have a surface large enough to do the whole thing at once… I’ve been looking up methods online and am trying to get creative to find a way to block this without buying anything. I’m thinking about using my yoga mat and blocking it by sections somehow. I’m not sure if a straightened coat hanger will be long enough to use for a wire frame to really get the points out in the edging. I was looking through Instagram photos of lace shawls and saw one photo where it looked like a towel was being used to pin to to block. After I do all the laundry I am going to give that a try. I hope to get a couple spots worked in a little more… Marvin decided to cuddle and got his back claws into it, snagging three stitches. The little bugger.. If only was wasn’t so cuddly and cute.



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