Whatta workout!

Yesterday I decided I’m doing this. I am becoming a jogger. Man I am beat today! I started out with stretching and 5 mins of skipping rope – wow I forgot how much energy that takes and that I am no longer good at it. Then I stretched a little more and downloaded an app, drank some water and put another layer on. Went out and made a route that’s 1.99 miles, which I will change slightly so it’s 2. imageMy goal is to get to jogging the flat parts and walk through the park and hills. It only took a half hour and the park is beautiful so I think it’s a route I can stick with and be happy with. I ended up changing the app I downloaded to one a friend also uses and he instantly messaged me information and tips. He wants to do a trail run this year, one of the trails he was told is 10K! And then he tells me if I stick to it I could be running 10K by AUGUST!!!!! Mind.Blown. I have never been a good runner.. I was good in soccer, which had frequent breaks hahahaha, I always was in the last few of the pack and be damned sometimes to sprint to the front of the pack and maintain it. Between bad knees, a twisting spine and asthma I had always been slower but always managed to stay in 5th or 6th on track days. Short legs also. Oy.
I also did a 10min beginner yoga session after the jog. Yoga and skipping I am doing every day (aside from today’s recovery day of stretching and house chores hahaha) I am determined to get into this and keep it up. The yoga is really helping my back and chest. My chest muscles basically need to re-shape since working a labour job carrying 50-110lbs back and forth and throwing them into the air. You’d think I would be the Hulk after working that job for over a year but it crippled me to the point of not being able to pull laundry out of the washer or lift a dish from the sink {{excuse me that reminds me.. laundry.. Mount Clean Laundry just grew yay}} It was awful. SO much pain and agony to get up and go do it again until the job laid off (automotive industry went to shit here) My muscles have some-what recovered from that since but they still want to move back into the old ways, so I am doing something wrong or I am just too tight in general. I have a the in-ability to relax everything is tight all the time and I need help to physically relax and let go of the tension. I have gotten better with it except for a few muscles I still need someone to activate and relax them. Such a great feeling when I do relax.
Yoga has started helping me with that and is really opening my chest and back up and I do feel taller after only 10 minutes. I have high hopes to get my body corrected and working properly. Cutting out junk foods and pop feels great too!
Well, this mountain isn’t going to fold itself .. wouldn’t that be a dream?!
Maybe a short walk to pick some raspberry or blackberry leaves for tea 🙂
Blessed Be


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