What is that lady doing?

It’s a beautiful Saturday, blue sky, sun is shinning, barely a breeze the boys are just loving the outdoors. I start cleaning up outside and get thinking about the garden plot and ideas. I try to get Marvin to run to the back fence in our efforts to loose weight but he is too distracted. Doug a fellow gardener slowly bikes by, looking for me, I pop up from sitting and startle him. We talk for some time and get going on about ideas. I need a dedicated book for this!
So in the boys go and I grab my handy knitted market bag and a water bottle for the walk to the dollar store. It’s a straight walk there and a hop over the bridge. There’s only one side walk on this busy main street and today it is busy. I walk up to the dollar store and wander around… I find a good book to use for my ideas and go to get into line. The lineup is long, which is normal for a Saturday so another cashier opens a till. Two women with their arms full insist I go ahead.
Oh no I am not in a hurry go ahead. It’s beautiful day I really don’t mind ladies.
They overly thank me and the one closest to me chats about the weather while the other checks out. I check out putting the book in my knitted red bag and finish up the last of the water and head back to wait at the lights. It’s a warm day out with the sun. I stroll through the intersection and get a hundred feet down the sidewalk and notice a woman on the other side of the road stop her bike and pick it up to walk about 7 ft back.
People in cars are looking at her odd trying to see what she’s doing.
She lays her bike down and holds her body away from the road but still pokes something in the gutter. A black truck passes and the woman passenger is saying something to the man driving, her expression very concerned.
What is that lady doing??!
She hops back on her bike and bikes away!
It’s a squirrel, poor things been hit, there’s nothing I can do. I repeat to myself as my heart starts to race and my throat tightens.
I can see a grey lump.
All I can do I call animal control and ask them go come put it out – if they aren’t already busy.
I take a few more steps and just can’t bring myself to pass it.
I dart through the traffic to the middle and see a truck going to the side, who could veer closer just because I’m now on the road, I get to the farthest lane and just put my arms out to indicate he’s going to have to switch lanes.
I don’t remember the traffic after this. I bend over and see it’s a kitten. It’s just laying there and then looks at me.
I try to keep my body language big to keep it from darting back into traffic and then try to pick it up as it hasn’t meow’d or tried to move.
My heart is just racing.
I could be putting my hand into a bloody mess.
It bites my left middle finger and manages to go up the little hill and squeezes through the fence.
I’m fumbling with my stuff trying to watch it and pull up Animal Aide’s phone number and hours.
It’s not running right.
My heart is heavy.
It’s been hit. No.
I can’t think anymore I rip out the earbuds and throw my stuff down and climb over the fence and run as fast as I can across the lot and grab the kitten.
Ba-boom ba-boom.
All u can hear is blood rushing through my ears.
I pull up the bottom of my shirt and cradle the kitten there. Hoping it won’t hurt it more or make the damage worse.
I start talking to it, with my voice failing and tight, it always does this.
The kitten isn’t fighting.
It isn’t moving or adjusting itself.
It’s not crying.
I look around.
I’m in a fucking gated lot.
How the hell am I going to climb a fence with this kitten and not hurt it?!
I start looking for a hole in the fence… A loose spot…. The gate!!! It has a big wheel at the opening.. Maybe we can get under that.
We barely fit. My heart is racing still, I need to grab my bag.
I get back across the road and start going back to the intersection. I’ve got a long walk ahead of me, oh I hope this isn’t this little thing’s last walk! I doubt there’s much that can be done if it’s been hit.. The way it was walking… My heart sinks even lower.
Kitten was on the curb
My midriff is showing, I’m walking in flipflops and trying to hurry but walk smoothly. People are looking at me curiously. I keep going.
The sun is high in the sky and there’s no shade, I finished the water and the kittens tongue is showing a little. The little golden eyes have only looked at me and closed. It’s head would tuck behind my long sleeved shirt and I would talk to be sure it was still alive, it opening it’s eyes to look at me.
I keep saying it’ll be ok.
I don’t believe it will be one bit.
I’m getting closer to a shelter and see the sign is not out at the road – closed.
Ok well I didn’t think they would help anyways (they take the “death row” animals from the kill shelters in the bigger city .. Policies likely have changed since those days though)
Animal aide a few blocks more.
I am just sweating and feeling like my hand is probably wet from the kitten somehow.
I’m a few stores away from the shelter and my mind races to it they aren’t open. I get even more choked up and start planning. I have a pet-to-vet lady on Facebook, Linda will help!
There’s people inside a THANK GODDESS!
I go in and of course a tear starts, I babble on about what’s happened. Please please get it to a vet. I just found it! Please help.
A woman asks if I drive. No I walked.
Then a man at the back says he can take it over and grabs a towel.
We try to ever so carefully transfer it from my shirt to the towel as I explain I’m sure it has a back injury.
Into the carrier it goes and gone.
I ask the woman to use a washroom as the tears start and say I’m just not good with this stuff. She fully understood and shows me where I can wash up. She got some peroxide and a band aide for my finger which had stopped the few drops of blood and was fine, just needed to be sure about infection. She then asks if I would like to be kept in the loop about the kitten. I say yes and give her my information. I thank everyone and leave.
I’m a terrible mess and very thirsty. I remember Doug would be at the Kains site and that he mentioned over the winter he had volunteered at Animal Aide and he also requested I come see how the site is doing.
I decide I will go there and calm down.
He was still there and told me how wonderful of a thing I did and that the kitten is in good hands now. Tells me on Monday he will look for the little kitten and send extra love for me.
Rob shows up at the garden and we all chat some more.
My thirst is high so I leave hoping Hubby is done work and I can continue with my beautifully turned very dark day. I get a few more blocks towards home and my phone rings. It’s Animal Aide. The woman gets more information about the location and if I looked for more kittens, which I had looked around and saw none.
She tells me they have named it Trooper and think it may be ok but could always change. Trooper will stay a couple nights at the vets. The woman tells me she hasn’t found out it’s gender but on Monday will follow up with me.
I feel I will get the worst news on Monday but remain hopeful and positive. I get home and shower. Put my clothes in the sink so if there’s any infection they boys won’t come I to contact and get myself to go on with the day.
I tell Hubby who came home shortly after that I saved a kitten from being run over today and we plan some fishing for Sunday.
How I will be able to not think about the kitten I do not know.
How could that woman stop and not help?????????


Went back and took a photo if where I found the kitten
Went back and took a photo of where I found the kitten, and the fenced in lot we got out of.



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  1. lazersheep says:

    You’re such a good person for helping the little guy! Here’s hoping he is a little Trooper and can look forward to a happy kitten’s future. Sending lots of love ❤

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