ooh Dreaded Monday…

We went fishing Sunday, with kitten on my mind the entire time.  Caught a few fish and had a good day out in the sun (I also burned through the shirt I had hoped would be enough) I kept reminding myself how powerful positive thinking is and that  something that small would certainly not have survived the ordeal of being hit.

I had other thoughts like maybe someone had actually tossed the kitten out the door.. poor thing almost look like it’s eye was lazy too.  Maybe there’s also something seriously wrong with the kitten and that’s why someone tossed it. I mean there are some really terrible people in this world. Joe the cat for instance… cat was shot in the head 17 times with a bb gun… SEVENTEEN TIMES… sick. just. fucking. sick. And I even got to see someone check the kitten out and continue on with their day not offering any help.  The people at the shelter were also just beside themselves at that.
So Sunday wore me right out really and I’m up bright and early.
I’m waiting for a decent time to call the shelter because I know they are busy and have many many other pets to be caring for.
The phone rings a couple times and a lady picks up.
I do the blah blah Trooper blahs..
She lets me know she hasn’t called the hospital yet but is very hopeful.
Ok, I’ll call back in another hour or so let yas get into gear.
Sounds like a plan.
10:20 or 30 something… I had the boys outside to distract myself some.
Phone is answered instantly and I ask about Trooper.
Oh yes! Jess! Trooper is doing good!
The vet say the kitten is just bruised and traumatized but will live.
I would like to foster it.
Oh I was hoping you would! This is great! The kitten needs lots of peace and quiet.
I have a spare room just for it. What do I need to do? I think I can get my neighbor to give me a lift. (I had a flat tire)
When can you come get it? The kitten is still at the hospital you can pick it up there.
Ok.  Let me chat with my neighbor and call you back.  I have a carrier too.

So I knock on Red’s door and she answers rocking her P.J.’s and a face mask.
What can I do ya for?
Uuumm.. So that kitten I told you about, well I would like to go get it can you drive me?
Yeah man of course!  – Just uuhh.. Let me get ready and shit ya know.
Oh yeah no rush really. It’s up at the hospital the other side of town and out a bit.

I call Animal Aide back and make the arrangements. Pick the kitten up and swing by the shelter for the paperwork and kitten food.
Hubs has no idea what I am up to either.
I get he huge carrier out and wash it down thoroughly.
After lunch and Hub’s has come home and been told – No. No.- his usual answers, we hop in the mustang and go to the hospital.  It seems like a long drive.  The hospital was really nice and the vet tells me to kennel her and piece and quiet.
The vet puts the tiny tabby kitten in my huge carrier and off we go.
Animal Aide is a quick stop and I think they gave me enough food to last the kitten it’s kitten stage and a mini litter box. I declined the litter since I had some already.
Red makes a stop at the grocery store quickly and I turn around and start getting a look at the kitten and start wondering if its a girl or boy and the kitten just stares at me still not making a noise other than silent hisses. I just talk to it and try to coo it to the front of the carrier.
Kitten was on the curb
Such a little beauty!!! I’m still wondering if it’s truly OK. Red asked the vet if they did x-rays and nope.
In the little time waiting I seemed to get it’s attention because after we got driving again it was at the front of the carrier just staring back and forth between Red and I. Red has an idea on how the kitten ended up on the road from a previous experience which sadly had a bad ending.
We get home and the kitten stayed like this for some time while I laid on the floor talking to it trying to get it to let me pet it.Kitten was on the curb
It hissed.
It tried to sniff me.
After some time I just scooped it up and snuggled it. As I did this I realize it’s side is weird. Like the fur was singed and that it’s lip has a scab too.
The paws from what I can tell seem to be ok, but I’m not about to man handle the little thing.
I think Red is right. The kitten had climbed up into a vehicle and was shaken out.
We check on the kitten a few times and just let it rest. I get a cloth and some water with a few drops of witch hazel to help cleanse and just cloth bath the kitten, it loved it.
Off to bed. Let the little thing be. See it again in the morning.. maybe find out if it’s a boy or a girl too.

Kitten was on the curb
Funny how without a head it almost looks like a raccoon eh.



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