The past couple of days have just been adjustment for all.
The door is only shut when we aren’t home and we lay in the floor playing with Boog and Marvin letting them watch her play and her watch them play. Boog seems to be intrigued by the playful but skittish kitten, still a little unsure.
Her eyes have been gooey. I didn’t think too much of it until today.
Now she’s sneezing and a runny/stuffy nose! I’ve never dealt with a kitty infection before!! I was starting to relax with her and she’s been around the boys and now I read her symptoms are for an upper respiratory infection stage one – contagious to others with lowered immune systems – shit I hope the boys are good and healthy!! They seem to be. Oh great now her and Boog sniffed faces and she sneezed. Yup, doomed. But her appetite and energy are still high… this looks good. Maybe it’s a light cold. I read steam helps so I will do sessions in the bathroom in the morning, before and after work. I hope she pulls through.
It’s only just started, maybe it’s nothing.


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