The second Friday home..

Kitten has been home for almost two full weeks now and I can officially say she’s better!!! She sneezing is minimal, if ever. She is more active than I could imaging her being and the boys have taken to her.
We have named her Gwen and have fallen in love with her. Gwen is a little skiddish, she will snooze on the bed up jump and run away when we come home. She likes to hide but then seems to fall asleep forgetting she was playing. We keep our bedroom door closed to help keep her from doing this. She certainly has a personality and her focus now is all about playing. Hubs says he caught Marvin cleaning her face during the week. Seems the fat cat is getting soft. He hasn’t been as affectionate or slept in bed with me like he used to, I think because she’s been getting into bed at night. See how things become.
This video you can hear the gurrgling while she breathes.


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