Wow there has been a lot going on around here!!!

I feel incredibly blessed to have saved Gwen from the road and the infection. She has been a delight to heb around here and is slowly becoming trusting and relaxed. A week or so ago she had a night terror, just screaming and freaking out. Hubs went to pick her up and she bit him a couple time but he could see her eyes were like she was sleeping. It was an awful sound and possibly the most terrifying way to wake up from a deep sleep.

Today was bass opening. It was a great day out on the lake and I’m amazed I’m still awake. But I did bake a cheesecake but it needs to cool til 10pm or overnight.

I wish it was really simple to share photos from my mobile on here, unfortunately it seems not to be and on top of that my photo app is being slow and freezing with uploads so photos will come this week.

Another post I will begin is my experiences with the Community Garden and the Committee. It’s been interesting and very frustrating. Plus I really hate conflict and this seems to have a lot going on.
I will explain more in upcoming posts.
I also apologize for my randomness with posts lately. Like I said, it’s been busy and rescuing Gwen was the biggest blessing through all these struggles.
Hopefully I can soon understand how to go about and deal with these negative and narrow minded people who are holding the garden back
Love & Light


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