Pt 2 – Shade Garden

My shade garden is doing well. Some seedlings didn’t make it so I recently added seeds to the bare spots as well as finished up the rows to the left and seeded them as well.  
Merlot Romaine, Romaine and Spinach all planted.  Next week I will finish turning and seeding the right side – I finally moved a grouping of Hostas from the right to the far left, they’ll eventually hide the downspout and I can’t be bothered to remove the downspout to turn the dirt properly there anyways. So lazy wins in my books when I get to have another couple full rows of veggies instead of broken up part rows that the Hoya may grow to cover.  The peas at the back of the garden appear to be munched on – the chipmunk perhaps? (I didn’t think it would care for veggies.. )

Merlot Romaine
Romaine and another lettuce
More work to be done
Full view of all the rows
There’s even a carrot in there!
View to the left

The peas in my window are doing great and the first peas are starting. Just skinny pods right now but soon will be filling and growing more.  Fresh home grown peas are the only peas to eat for me.

mmmmmmmm Peas soon!

Stay tuned for the Container Garden update!!! I was going to put these as one post as I wrote it all in a day.. but it’s too much. So bare with the broken up post.. there’s a method to the madness!


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