Pt 3 – The Container Garden



The raspberries are doing well.  I had thought they would be taller by now but with all the developing fruit I cannot complain one bit.    There is a ant problem on this property and they like the raspberry bush for some reason.  I resorted to getting the little tin ant traps in hopes to kill the nest… and I’m cheap.  I’ve been using my borax around the house lately so I dare not use the last of it on ants.  Hopefully all this rain doesn’t affect the trap… excuse me while I dart out and get the damn thing… and it was COVERED in ants while it’s pouring outside.. so I just flipped it up to keep the hole out of the water and was amazed the ants were even trying with being drowned in the stream of rain.
Now it’s sunny out and there’s been a tornado watch issued for this area.  The storm should hit the shoreline in about a half and hour from now (10:27am now) Good thing I haven’t temped to correct the trellis yet.
It’s now 11:10 and all of the alerts for the tornado have ended. The past half hour was spent notifying loved ones and watching Environment Canada with Gwen trying to nap on my lap.. what a kitty.
Ants.. ah right. That’s what I was on about.. Just checked it again and still tons of ants! Die colony die! muahahahahahahaha!
Don’t get me wrong  – I love  nature and all but in all reality even animals take care of infestations or move away from them. Being that we are staying, the ants will have to go, they cannot take home in my home or it’s crawlspace.  Infestations don’t help anything in my views and we have more than enough ants and different kinds even.  SO hopefully that’s a problem taken care of.

UntitledMy Northsky Dwarf Blueberry bush seems to have bite the dust.. not sure what happened to it. The other one it doing ok, I had hoped it would be bushier and produce more fruit – I just need to do more research on trimming and see if cutting it right back for next year with help although I want the branches to be thick for buttons later on.

What’s next? hhhhmmm…. My mini rose bushes are down to one. I’m not sure how I managed to kill the others anymore. Some help from those pesky spider mites.  This last one isn’t looking too poor, there is new growth!


Ooooh no.. now to the lemon seedlings.  I know exactly where I went wrong with these poor things.  I over watered in the early spring and almost killed them.  I’m still almost killing them. Just brought them in out the rain they’ve had too much water lately, hopefully they will survive this downpour and dry out again.  I’m ashamed of my poor care of these plants and am glad the one I gave away is doing well last time I checked.

The peppermint it doing well and I recently got another addition for the front but of chocolate peppermint.  I  hope the two don’t mix but if so, oh well.



Chocolate Mint

All of the strawberry plants I originally had from the other apartment where the neighbors dog got to pee all over my pot all winter, have died. I didn’t get any fruit from them last year anyways.  So the pot has a bottle added to is as a water reservoir and I’ve got a lavender seed sprouted in an opening.  I started adding strawberry runners to it to see if they will take. I love the pot but I may give it away if the strawberries take.  My nephew would love strawberries and adding water to the bottle would be a great activity for him.  My sister has a garden in the plans for next summer at her new beautiful old home. I’m excited to see what it becomes and hope to have a little influence.

So, I was having a bad day and went to the greenhouse and wandered.  Debated on the hanging strawberry pot for $9.99 but then saw a flat of small potted plants. I inquired about the price as there wasn’t any and the girl mentioned she thinks on sale.. we got to the register where another employee was to confirm – Yes! On sale – 99 cents a pot! YES under a dollar a pot! I grabbed the flat – screw the hanging pot! I also grabbed a couple pots of flowering ground cover in hopes to brighten up the garden and add colour – they neighbor’s roses are beautiful.
After I got the flat home I realized I need pots for them and got over to the dollar store and came out with this set up:

Then there’s flowery stuff:


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