The Gardens.. An update during a rainy day.. (Pt. 1)

I’ve been slacking on the garden updates this year.
I have downsized a little and started to refine which plants I have indoors.
I also over watered the lemon seedlings making them just little stems but now appear to be coming back – finger crossed!!!!

For starters… I killed the pixie grape vine, Ms Pixie.. I don’t know how.. but I did. I’ve kept an eye out for another plant but haven’t seen it yet.  But I did however pickup a third grape vine, that was unfortunately knocked over after being freshly repotted the day before, sudden blast of wind knocked a lot over around here. Hopefully I get it planted into a bigger tote today and it recovers nicely.
I took photos this morning and am just waiting on the upload of a previous 100+ photos and a good 10 videos from my phone. Unfortunately with doubles somehow too. Joy.
So while everything uploads I’ll get up to date with the gardening.
The community plot has been totally neglected, eaten by deer and best for a post all on it’s own – I’m not going down negative lane today!!

My container garden has grown but shrunk at the same time hahaha.
I ripped up the grass between the two sidewalks in the front yard and planted:
Lemon Balm
Spring Onions
Both Grape Vines
All of that is out of containers and now in the ground. The trellis for the one grape vine was knocked over in the wind yesterday so that’s another project I have to complete and dig a good ways down to get it to be stable and secure.

Everything seems to be happy for the most part. I also picked up some flowering ground cover and a couple of Gerber Daisies that were on sale to add some colour.

Setting up to see how many stones I have to use.
The beginning of a tedious job.. lifting the sod.
The sod it up! Now what the heck do I put in here??????
Lavender to the left, Stevia in the center
There’s a grape vine, a couple Gerber Daisies and some flowering ground cover.
Bird bath in the center of it all with Oregano sprouts around it.
Lemon Balm and another grape vine. Oh and Chives
Chives, Spring Onions and Basil
View from the start (road side)
Gerber Daisies
My favorite decoration, Toad’s House (which now hides an ant trap)

More to come!!


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