On my mind…

I have a boring job. It’s physically occupying but mentally ……. not at all. It’s perfect for me at the moment.
I am so incredibly drawn to learning herbal medicine. I’ve decided to devote my life to it and feel it really is for me.

I have always had a strange memory for plants. -As a child I was not interested in plants actually. I had a garden with peas and carrots is all I remember. The rest I didn’t eat (I was terribly picky and unhealthy by my now standards!) so I don’t recall what was in the rest of the garden. I wasn’t really involved in the process.
Anyways, in high school I wasn’t thinking of plants at all. I would have said please don’t get me flowers for they will only die. After school I started learning and being involved with house plants. Always able to blurt out random facts about plants people had in their home. Specifically their medicinal uses or toxins. The Philodendron’s sap is capable of shutting of the windpipe and suffocating someone. Stuff like that.
Then in 2007 I really got into natural healing but never pursued the idea of schooling. It was more like the seed had officially been planted and my views on taking any prescriptions began to change.
It wasn’t really until 2010 that I realized I had an energy about it, noticing how many people where coming to me for home remedy information. I started making my own laundry soap and that evolved into frugal green living. I went no ‘poo. That’s right. I stopped using shampoo and conditioner.
I stopped using chemical cleaners. No air fresheneders. I stopped taking any pills.
I also started growing my own food in containers as much as I possibly could, which was not much. I geared it towards feeding my dragons and I.
I really love this.
It grew more and more and I discovered essential oils.
I am hooked. I am working on a collection of oils. Hubs no longer looks at me like I’m crazy when I blurt out what plant does what when we walk past. Jewelweed has been imprinted into my mind since the last round of poison ivy Hubs ran into at work. Tea tree oil to the rescue! And witch hazel and calamine lotion. It was all over him.
I don’t have any real ailments to be using essential oils for but any time someone complains about something my mind races to what I have read and how to help them. Just keep talking I’m diagnosing you herbally.
I joined the community you garden in hopes to expand my own home grown food and to also learn more along with showing the community what we truly have at our finger tips. I then joined the committee to help make a difference. My goals are to get kids involved in gardening and to teach those about plants medical purposes. I have hopes to gain some ground with a communal medicinal plot.
I just keep reading more and more and get as much information about a plant as I can.
My crappy job helps that.
I think of what I read and even look stuff up. Studying Western Herbalism. I love it. I don’t know what the future has in store for me still, but I feel that this is my path and it feels good to be at this point. I am ridiculously excited about it. Nerdy even. I joined so many natural groups and started following Reiki’s in Canada. What a world! One group I joined I will read the comments and take in all suggestions. When something really strikes I just study it. One thing I’ve been good at is asking the right questions as well. Looking at things a bit differently and stepping back to try and get the whole picture. It’s all so fascinating.
The more I learn, the more I draw people towards me. I’m not sure how else to explain it.
Blessed Be lovelies 🙂


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