Falling leaves

I can’t believe the leaves are already changing colour and some trees are becoming bare.
It seems like autumn snuck up on me and soon it will be winter.
‘They’ say it’s going to be a bad winter, one of the worst ones we’ve seen in years. My dad has already talked about switching my tires over to snow tires… A couple more weeks dad please.
I’ve been trying to figure out how to protect all my plants over the winter. I will have to pick up some straw and burlap soon. Once the grass is cut for the final time I will put all the pots out there and cover with straw I think is my best plan of defence. Only a couple planters need to come in and only one will remain on the deck.

I’ve very slowly working on the neighbour’s hedge along our driveway. It’s a slow process as I am cutting dead branches all the way back to the stump. It’s just so boring and so much to cut off still. It has been neglected for so long that it is also bare in spots when trimmed properly. I haven’t been able to put my raised garden bed in like I had hoped… Some dental issue came up and has taken quiet a toll on me lately. A condition I have had since a young child has just gone too far and causing constant pain. I had thought it was wisdom pain but after seeing a surgeon, his advice being that my muscles are essentially charlie-horsed and extraction of wisdoms would be more painful and even longer to recover from. So a mouth guard at night to aide in the clenching/grinding and I have ordered some essential oils to also help me relax.

It has really cooled off here lately and it’s time for closed windows and comfy clothing. I rather enjoy fall. The summer was a chaotic one in my view and I have enjoyed stepping back from that and winding down. Picked up my knitting needles again.

The weather here has been wet and stormy compared to other years. It feels like a bad winter is coming. Hubs and I will be getting a good pair of snow pants soon and good shovels. Hubs talks about a fishing hut of our own this year, I am excited about that. May just end up being our Yule gifts for each other which we will get a lot of use out of. I am already looking forward to ice fishing. Everyone can complain as much as they want about winter, since I’ve started ice fishing I enjoy winter. There’s more prep needed and yes, it’s cold, but really it is so beautiful. If you can’t take a moment to see and appreciate the beauty of winter and nature… well I don’t think I can even being to explain it here, on this measly blog. I find every season truly beautiful and honestly I think by the time the season is over.. I am over it as well and more than ready to move on.
Recently I got a book on holidays. The Wiccan Year by Judy Ann Nock. The first season, Samhain, or more commonly called Hallowe’en. It is the Pagan/Wiccan New Year as the third harvest is done by then and it is time to celebrate the year. It is also the celebration of our ancestors, the dead, and the carving of a jack’o’lantern is to ward off any unwanted guests and guide the loved ones home, the glow guiding them and the ugly faces warding off the unwanted. Some will set out their beloved one’s favorite foods out to beckon them.
It is the time to let go and move on. Allowing yourself to let go of what is holding you back and finally move forward from it. A ritual to goes with it as well.
I hope to be celebrating Samhain this year with some joy and finally carve a pumpkin! Something I haven’t done in decades honestly.
Reading up on my holidays is nice and finally getting into some deeper stuff soon, learning about the gods and goddesses.

Blessed Be!

August 10th My Angel Clematis
September 8th


October 4th Lots of little flowers and now the first flowers have exploded into little whisps


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