Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is always a nice time of year. We get together with everyone and enjoy a wonderful meal. It has also become our niece’s birthday. Big 2 years old this year, so adorable.

Hubs, a close fishing buddy and I went to the Bronté Saturday and had a blast. As much as I love to fish, I love taking photos. The guys never pose unless to show off their catch so everything I snap is in the moment. I actually dropped my phone in the river twice that day. The Otterbox preserver held up! Only downfalls are that I chose black so there was no seeing the phone until the dirt settles and that its light enough the current can take it away. Trying to run in chest waders is quiet the feat! Both times was because I didn’t have a good spot to store the phone. A bright bobber on the tether will help. I’m also going to alter my backpack to hold my phone and my fishing pole better.
We caught a few fish and saw a few more that were already too far gone to want to catch.
I think this photo captures salmon river fishing well.
This time of year I am looking forward to winter being a slower season and all, really enjoying autumn’s beauty. It’s been a busy summer and disappointing in ways. I am happy how my home gardens are turning out and even had another neighbor stop to comment on how they like my gardens. The veggie garden isn’t in yet and won’t be until spring unfortunately. I have a lot of gardening work ahead of me this week and then also home improvement jobs as well.
My pantry has been revamped since we moved in. Before it was two large deep shelves and a top shelf. So I took a large shelf out and added two 4″ shelves for baking jars. Now I need an angled shelf to hold the 1 qt flours and sugars jars. I got everything started and was trying to level out the angled shelf when I realized the walls looked like crap and I levelled the other shelves as best I could without a level.
So this quick job has become a big one, putty and paint. I’m also going to paint the panty white and clear stain the shelving. The little things in life eh. It’s amazing how much it will cost in the end to do it all. The pantry isn’t white right now so a can of primer and paint is still needed.

When we got home from a slow, lazy day of fishing, I checked the mail and my essential oils have arrived!! This is very exciting and perfect timing. A family member is dealing with some health issues so I am sending over a small roller bottle of Jeddy’s blend to sample and help with all the stress and anxiety. Fingers crossed it really works well for them and we’ll order a big bottle of it. My online cart is already stocked again with the need next list. Many more empty bottles a a rollers!


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