Almost Samhian

I love this time of year. I’m sure I’ve pointed that out in previous posts but it really is a beautiful time.

The Jeddy’s blend of essential oils has greatly helped my facial pain. My muscles just melt when I apply it to my temples. I just looooove it. I had become so accustomed to having my muscles clenched and tense, now when I put the blend on and get that “aaahhhhhhhh” moment I squish my face all around and feel where it’s stretching and just how relaxed it can actually be. such a relief!!
I haven’t gotten my SIL’s review on her experiences with the blend just yet, I hope she has at least tried it. I like the smell. It’s very hippy hehehe.

Since work has slowed down, I decided to visit my sister. She’s also tried the blend and actually put on before bed for a second night now, I think she likes it as well. I have a good list of items to order next.
Well, I’ve got tarot cards and a crystal ball to go play with…
Blessed Be!


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