What’s on my needles?
Well lately a lot of the Pasha Tuque.

My 6 year old niece asked if I made my hat and when I said yes her eyes lit up and asked if I could make one for her. So of course I asked her what her favourite colour is and she started with pink and ends up saying every colour.
So I found some colourful yarn and scale down the size and was overjoyed with how the hat turned out. Well, until I really looked at the size and knew it was too small! So I popped over to a friend nearby to borrow her kids’ head…. Sure enough there was no way it was going to fit. My neighbour has a two year old so I thought why not give it a try. They loved it!

So I finished up the third Pasha Tuque and it is waiting to be delivered and I am waiting for the little girls reaction and how it fits. Then I will sell the other one locally to get some more yarn and continue on.

I have 80%-90% completed the Slouchy Bubbles Tuque, I am stuck at how long a really slouchy hat should be. I need a model. I am petite, I wear a youth hat so any time I’m knitting an adult hat it looks and feels huge in my hands. This hat fits me nicely, it’s not tight in any means. I had my sister try it on and she also said it was a nice fit, but now the length I am questioning.
Everyone I have asked so far say they love a long hat. I think it’s a little weird, but am wanting to finish this up and a nice slouchy hat and only use one skein. Ok maybe the one skein part is the hard part to get past. It would be nice not to have to buy a second ball to finish up one hat. I would want to buy two balls and make a second hat to sell two and make some more money back to get more yarn and keep buy. Sista text me back in agreement that it would be too long. That’s enough for me. Finishing it up! Wuhoo!

The next project I have planned once all the hats are complete is a baby blanket. I’m so excited. I’ve been going to The Mitten and taking photos of the yarn I like and the price so I can price it out and know exactly how much of each skein I will need. It’s such a beautiful blanket and is dont with Fingering or Sock yarn. There’s a MadelineTosh blend that I absolutely love but it is too thick AND expensive!!! I’ve been waiting for a certain colour to come into the store to make a hat for Hubs. Really dark blue with some flecks in it, it’s really hard to describe but I believe it’s called Galaxy, if not that’s what I think of when I see it. Just stunning. Would really match his eyes.

It has been snowing since last night and it isn’t going anywhere. I want to say that it is officially winter. I love it. It’s beautiful. The roads are ice now. We are really looking forward to ice fishing this year.

And the Slouchy Bubbles Tuque is done and have been asked to make another in black!


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