Mess in the kitchen

Oh wow do we ever make a mess in the kitchen!!! In the morning the kids and I made paper snowman pictures and painted a paper chain which is now hanging across the kitchen from wall to wall. Luckily B ( who is 2 ) enjoys crafts and painting quiet a bit and loves to get undressed to do it too. Easy clean up!! L (who is 4) isn’t as interested in them. Will go with it for so long and then returns to watching TV. Generally I will turn the TV off to keep their attention better but today I just plum forgot.
After that they biked around the house some while I cleaned up and made lunch.
Now it’s glorious nap time so they stay up for the Santa Parade this evening. They will love it. So I write up this quick post and return to my cabled slouchy tuque while they are out!
Next is making graham crackers!
Love & Light!


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