Finished Knits

My first attempt at scaling down the adult Pasha Tuque.. well it fit a 2 year old!


This is the third Pasha Tuque I made in attempt to satisfy myself and S. The second one I wasn’t happy with the colours so I made this one, which is the one she picked.
She loves it. Just not as slouchy as I had hoped it would be. I should have blocked it!

Slouchy Bubbled Cabled Tuque

It called for 3 sections of cable but after two it was plenty long enough


Finished!! Feels nice and warm and comfy!

Now for the Cabled Tuque but in black!
Second cabled tuque finished. Starting the third one today.




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  1. chrisknits says:

    Glad I am not the only one in a hat frenzy! And duplicates of them is the pattern I seem to follow too. On the 3rd of 5 elf hats right now. When will the madness end!!! LOL All cute and the ones with the littles are adorable.

    1. It is madness!!
      I can do the first one with ease ans then start to find errors in tbe second…. Already frogged 2 rows with the 3rd hat… Wwwwhhhhyyyy cant it go as smoothly as the first one!! Does this happen to you????

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