Snowflake Blanket

Snowflake Blanket

Oh wow there are so many mistakes in this WIP!!
This is the first I have done colour-work AND steek.
I certainly am learning!!! The photo above is of the steek, which will be cut..… yes CUT! Just a little scary! 
How have I screwed up??
First, the 7 steek stitches should be checkered, not solid (as I had started) and secondly, not stripped like I started and now realize its to be switching the colours for each stitch.
Now, in my defence! The pattern is not originally written in English. Also the steek instructions are farther in the pattern, not very logical.  I just wanted to dive right in!
Third screw up is that I managed to move one stitch over on the 6th row of the second chart. Not a HUGE deal.. One row to frog, easy peasy!
Well now you see … I also didn’t pick the most ideal yarn blend to steek with, 80% bamboo 20% wool.  It is a nice smooth blend and the steek will work better with a more  wool blend. This helps the stitches stay after being cut, the jut grab each other or felt together but I have planned to sew a light quilt piece to the back.
So now that I’m at this point of understanding the pattern and technique, I am now looking at the size.  I would like it a bit bigger, a full mm or two up in needle size.  The baby bamboo blend simply won’t work with a larger needle but would be wonderful for other patterns.  So now that I have typed this up its very clear that I will be frogging the blanket and grabbing a nicer Merino wool blend.
This blanket is so stunning I messaged the knitter for some tips.

Time to put everything down and go to bed,
Blessed be
Love & Light!


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