Ugh – Almost another month has passed since my last post.. Again. I’m certainly not good at this blogging thing! Why I do it? I have urges to write, even just physically to use my hands, hold a pen or pencil, if it’s not the right one it will piss. me. off. Ridiculous. I know.
If only the words in my head could appear here. I’ll be busily working away and have a great post going on in my head. Seems I do my best thinking while doing something physically occupying. Playing little movies of the past in my own personal theatre only to sit down later at a screen and . . . . .

I wish I could get the hang of this.

I wish I could write freely, uninhibited, honestly.

I wish I could take down the bars of my own confinement.

But here I sit.
House on TV, the cats finally calming down from me coming home, and I start tripping over words, how to better phrase, or my train of thought de-rails.

Type and delete.

Type and get frustrated.

It’s not like I’m writing for someone or something.

It feels good to write though.


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