Dusting off

The robins are pulling up worms, snow is melting, seeds are sprouting! 

Spring! It’s like the earth had taken a great stretch and deep breath after the long winter haul.  Hearing the birds chirp and sing. 

I pulled out the greenhouse and dusted it off. Put the big gardening pots back outside and put the grapevine pot on its side to drain a few days.  Need to figure out a different trellis for the grapevines.  

Hubs talked me back into putting a garden in here over going to the community garden.   I had some questions for them and again they have gone totally unanswered.  I showed up to the new application method to an empty booth so while I was filling out the application to leave behind, Hubs just said “Let’s do a garden at home this year” and he had picked out organic corn he wants, which the deer happily ate last season.   I really like the idea of being able to look out the window and see my garden.  Also being able to freely create a fence to keep the deer from the hole in the fence that’s a shortcut across town.  I think I will be able to start a willow living wall and work with the neighbours on helping protect their gardening on the other side of the fence.  When I spoke to one couple from the end building last fall, they said the deer would come right up to their windows and look in after they finished off the bird feeders.  Hahaha as if to say “Hey the feeders are empty! Come fill em back up for us please”   They seemed like wonderful people and giggled at me for carrying around my weed eater to get the other side of our fence and, well, did the side walk from our property down to the shortcut, three properties.  The city isn’t the best at it in our section apparently.  

Anyways, I am just looking forward to being able to have the windows open all the time, wiggle my toes in the grass and PLANT! oh my goddess divine do I ever want to get things going!   The willows seem to be starting to come back so I’m going to go see the downed tree across from the community garden and get a good bundle of straps.  Get some rooting hormone started and get them rooting to start the living fence. 

So many ideas!!!! ~Blessed Be!!! 



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  1. atkokosplace says:

    I so know what you mean… Open windows, fresh air, dirt between fingers, fresh grass, plants coming through the soil…. Spring has sprung!

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