Fat Cat

A few months ago we had an issue with kitty acne, Boog’s chin had me concerned so I contacted a fb group that’s Essential Oil savvy and also a reputable vet as the admin.   After I posted my question accompanied with a photo of Boog’s chin I got a private message about kitty acne and the benefits of Kitty Boots.  This wonderful woman, Sue, offered to mail me a sample bottle (this was Christmas time and I was pretty low and money very very tight) so this was an amazing blessing.   I started washing Boog’s chin and went to the local second hand store looking for more dishes to use to feed the cats with.  I found an old set of tea cup bowls/deep plate but missing one, still perfect for three cats having at least 6 dishes is what I wanted. Always serving food on a clean dish.  We also made the switch to wet food.  A friend’s beautiful kings haired black cat had crystallized urine, which type I’m unsure but poor Buddy spent three days at the vet, but is now healthy and back to bossinghis human   around. This really hit me hard.  The bill was expensive but the pain and the meds and being away from home and family hits more than the bill does.  I hear male cats are more prone to this and Marv and Boog aren’t getting any younger so the switch to wet food was something we promptly did.  

About a week after the discovery of Boog’s acne… Marvin was plagued with really deep and infected acne.  We went to the vet.  He got an antibiotic shot and I was prepared for the talk about his weight. 

 Fat Cat Marvin…


…… 19.2 pounds.

The vet actually said he wouldn’t vaccinate Marvin and was incredibly concerned about Marvin’s future. The vet took all types of measurements and then the secretary punched that into their new program and it spits out Marvin’s ideal weight and how to achieve this by the promoted food.  

Marvin is supposed to weigh. . . . . 

. . . . . A double digit . . . 

. . . 10 pounds! 

I was stunned!!! 

Then I get handed the cat obesity pamphlet and a terrifying list of what can develop due to obesity.  

I ask if he could have a thyroid problem.

Never seen a thyroid case in his career where it causes the cat to be fat, and especially not one as young as Marvin.  Hyperthyroidism in older cats is common he says.  I am sitting beside myself at this point.  This is awful and I knew it when I weighed him at home.  He had become more lethargic and wheezes. He’s always  been a snuggler and attached to my hip. The vet talks me into the vet brand food. But I didnt go back for it.  I got the wet food I had fed him before.  It’s been about three months since that day. 

Marvin tonight. 

Weighs. . . 

. . . . . . . . .  16 pounds!!!!!!! 

He’s so active now and is playing with Gwen and Boog more. Still incredibly cuddly, like a toddler even when it comes to snuggling and attention. Hubs has been brushing all of them more and Marvin’s coat is oh-so-soft! I am very confident in Marvin to loose more weight and see what he looks like at 12 pounds.  He’s already lost his double chin and a tire around his waist.  YES! He has a waist now!!!!  He doesn’t beg for food, he’s slowed down on eating and seems to taste and enjoy his food now.  Gwen eats so fast we now smear her food around the plate to force her to slow down.  She still has a feral mentality on food.  They all know whose dish is whose and not to eat from another’s dish.  Gwen. . .  She should have been named Aladdin!  She’s incredibly fast and somehow manages to pick up a big chunk of wet food and runs! She’s getting better.  The smearing really helps.  In the past couple months she’s become very vocal and has learned to meow.  She spins and cries for food.  Hubs and I stayed in a hotel for a night so I had my sister feed the kitties.  She and my nephew (3) came to feed them dinner and breakfast.  Well Gwen was no where to be found until my nephew went hunting for her to be sure she got her dish.  Little guy found dababies (Hubs’ calls her that) under the bed and slid the dish under.  She quickly ate but not before growling at him.   I wasn’t expecting such behaviour from Gwen but Hubs and a close buddy both were not surprised.  She was in the window when they came back for breakfast so they out the dish in her reach.  Fed the fishies and pet Puf the Dragon.

   I’m thankful to have them take such care of our babies while we were gone.  

Always the most comfortable

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