What a GREAT day!!!

Don’t pinch me!!! 

This day has been wonderful.  Yesterday (Friday) it had attempted to be a bad day with my brake lines going.  But luckily I had pulled over to give a coworker a ride… Who wants to walk on a Friday?!? And after he had excitedly said “You’re like my Friday saviour” I went to pull back into traffic to realize I had no brakes at all.  Still on the side of the road I was able to find the hole and decided at that time of day, driving home was too dangerous. While I was on the phone with Hubs, another coworker stopped to give us both a lift.   I was able to safely get my car home later in the evening.

Friday evening I said to Hubs, let’s go see that saw mill about some wood! Off we went to a country area where most of the houses don’t have hydro and horse and buggy is the way.  

I sent Hubs to do the talking as a few, not many, Amish-Mexican men are unwilling to speak to women or look down on them, so when I’m looking for a deal and I know to send Hubs.  For $8 a board, 10ft long 12 inches wide, I had to square the ends myself, I consider it a good deal! They did charge tax but had no change so for $70 I got 9 boards.  We went looking for a way to secure the boards together and ended up with a high quality tarp for the boat and settled with the simple 4×4 cut up. 

My one neighbor, S, had mentioned earlier in the week that his family farm has a mound, A MOUND of dirt we can fill the garden with.  So I got him wood! Now I just have to call-before-you-dig on Monday to be sure we won’t have any problems as there is a cable post at the back of the property. I will also get more 4x4s to make the T trellis I think will do a wonderful job. 

While I was putting the wood together my dad came over and made up new brake lines for my car.  He made me break the nuts on the wheels just because he could and wanted to be sure I’d be able to change a tire, dad… I took shop class… I’m mechanicly inclined… I can change a tire hehehehe but I entertained him. After that hubs and I went to the beach for lunch and went to the mall for a pair of shoes for me since…  well….. I was rocking socks and flip flops after my old sneakers where full of mud.  I scored a nice pair of camo airwalks for $15!! Half the regular price! And some champions sneakers so I can jog and skip rope again! Once back home and settled down to just relax I got a text saying Danielle was home and come get my syrup! I had made her hubby a shoulder rice pack a few weeks ago so in exchange I get her dads maple syrup.  SCORE! On my way to her place I spotted two tall bookshelves at the road. FREE! I was certain 20 mins later they would be gone.  So on my way back I checked… Still there!! I raced home for a reluctant Hubs and picked them up!  


So.. Brakes, garden, syrup, and book shelves all in one day.  It was unreal! I never have days like that!! 

What a wonderful weekend!


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