I hate creating titles

Today has been a strange day weather wise.  It was beautiful out this morning and I awoke to a text from my sister of gardening pots at the side of the road so I quickly got up and out the door.  SCORE!!! A bunch of clay and plastic pots, I took all of the clay ones and promptly got dirt to get my seeds started.

Then it started to rain on and off…

Then hail…

.. and now it’s just grey and stormy looking along with a strong wind.
I wanted to go collect all the garbage that’s around the property and picked up a grabby stick from Dollarama. Muddled about with the pots and have the larger ones soaking with a bit of ACV to hopefully loosen some of the solidified calcium from the sides. The green house is fully set up although I do need more lights for it, I’m not too worried.
The work order from Dial-Before-U-Dig completed yesterday and from my understanding of the emails the garden is clear to be completed; leveled, install ‘T’s and fill with dirt.   I spoke with S about getting dirt this weekend so I have plenty of time still to get 4×4’s from the Amish and dig holes. I hope 3 feet down is deep enough as there will be 1 foot of garden before 6 feet of exposed post.  I am so excited to finally do this style of gardening.  S says his buddy is a tree-remover so he’s going to ask about getting slices of trunk for free so we can create a walking path around the garden and also, if he can get enough, a nice sitting area around the fire pit.

I’ve been thinking about this blog quiet a bit lately and what it is.  I’ve decided it’s simply a diary-styled blog as I’m not that creative with words for it become anything astounding.  I like it none-the-less and am hoping this garden season will be something to write about!  I am just about ready to pack away the knitting needles and crochet hooks for the season, just need to finish the lot of TMNT hats that have been ordered and ‘close shop’ Creating your own pattern when your mind and body is wanting to be elsewhere is nearly impossible.  My soul is yearning to be outside!!!  The next post will likely be the finished product as I am determined to finish them this week.

Blessed be,
Love & Light


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