It’s been a while

Yet again it’s been some time since I posted… 

I have such a hard time posting when I’m so disappointed.  My neighbor who I was going to garden with has not kept his word on being able to get dirt from a family farm.  I look at what I built every day and it’s very depressing.  I spoke with his wife about it and she said she would take care of it, she was not at all happy about it.  He had even said “when you get home from work it will be full of dirt”  it has not happened.  It seems to happen to me a lot and I feel toxic about everything lately.  Feeling as though I’ve been made a fool of, used, lied to.  Growing up I had been told many things, promises even, that were never seen through, or just said to make that moment a good one.  The whole intention of the garden after he had told me there’s a mound of dirt that their friend gets dirt from every year and they have a wonderful garden, was that since he wasn’t able to work (my understanding a shoulder disability) but had free dirt, that I would spend the money on the wood to have it raised and well be a gift to him as he’s expressed a few times how he used to garden growing up and loved it.  His daughter is adhd and I thought this might be a great thing for the both of them. 

Had I known getting dirt would have been an issue of any sort I would not have done this at all.  So now I look outside at over $300 of materials, including $60 of peatmoss because we had looked up that 3.5 cubic ft of compressed dirt equals a yard, well folks, 6 bails (are they called bails? Or cubes?) of compressed dirt did not fluff up to a yard at all. 

It’s all a learning experience I keep telling myself. 

My neighbor had paid for 2 yards of dirt and when we spoke about it we both had the idea in our heads that a yard of dirt was much more than what it is.  When the dirt arrived, the delivery driver dumped it and chuckled saying “You’re going to need a lot more!”    My neighbours body language said it all, shoulders slumped, he was incredibly bummed out about how little 2 yards was which cost him $40 something!  So when we spoke after that I expressed how shocked I was and how now at least I know what a yard is.  

The worst part is having seedlings in pots, having bragged to everyone and blogged about it, and also having all day every day to stew about it.  Before I was thinking of what to plant, how to do it, and daydream about how great it will look.  I wish I could go back to daydreaming.  The whole mess just brings up old feelings of trusting the wrong people, having faith in what people say, and then it blows up in my face.  Does anyone keep their word anymore? Has that gone with the way of chivalry?  Being in such a bad mood has depleted my motivation for anything, I have a few Ninja Turtle hats to make yet and should have made a couple months ago… Alas I have not touched them and in turn I feel bad for taking so long.  This week I vow to complete them! 

I have gotten the front garden tilled and planted with lettuce, a few different types! 

I divided a hosta and moved a cement parking stone to the side of the lot to keep the neighboring garden from filling the payment in, there was a good 4 inches of dirt ontop of pavement.  So under this ragged old evergreen type bush there is now some nice variegated hostas which will look lovely in time filling in the deadness that it once was. 

The hedge along the one laneway is finally trimmed to the front. It took me a year but I got it done and the cuttings burned, which really was a task!  It’s filling in beautifully and making me think I should have actually cut it lower.  The front has a good dead chunk to it but I won’t touch that, just tidied it up because it had overgrown our driveway and hadn’t been touched in the last two years I know first hand. Now I can clean up the garbage that have collected against their house over the years, attached the downspout properly and raked up the leaves collecting there as well.  The grape vine, which is thick and also where the dead spot is, I am however cutting out. It’s so invasive and in the backyard it’s along the back fence, trying to grow through the lawn.  I’ve been pulling up roots and pulling 30 ft vines out of the trees at the fence line. Clearly the birds blessed the property with these random grape vines.  I stumbled on some beautiful wisteria and could not pass it up! Planted in the centre of the one section of the fence, with tiger lillies down the little hill, I think it will be just lovely. 

The chives have flourished! And now blooming! I need to find uses for the flower and get on dehydrating them. 

The garlic looks good. We had a frost the other night so the garlic and chives and lemon balm got blankets.

The strawberries I covered with newspapers.  There are so many berries developing right now it would be a great loss.  

Oh wow!  I had thought I lost this post with the app update and am so glad it’s still here! I had been bummed out about it the last few days trying to come up with a new post.  

Continuing on…

The lillies are spaced out pretty good so this year they are blending in with the grass.  I know they will over power the mostly-weeds-grass and just planted them right in the ground. They seem to have taken hold and are perky. There’s a weed that’s little purple flowers and the bees seem to enjoy it so I want to make a little sign that says “bees please” on it to put in the middle of the patch.  

The GRAPES!!!!!! Sorry if I mentioned this in a previous post, I am estatic about two of my grape vines this year!!! One vine in the front has developed grapes, just about every leaf has a bunch with it.  I’ve had the plants since June 2012, I know I’ve read how plants creep, leap and weep.  First couple years are developing, creeping.  Then they leap into maturity and bloom and fruit. Lastly, simply weep, they have lived out their fruit producing years and are just a plant.  I have a feeling my blueberry bush may not bloom this year or again. Hubby has mentioned I should get more… I think I will.  This one has another purpose even not blooming, I want the stem to thicken up for making buttons.  

The coffee plant is growing nicely.

I recently picked up a lime tree, the picking were slim.. 2 plants left and all lemon trees gone, but I think this will be a nice plant. It’s such a lovely deep green. I’m wondering how old it is as there’s snipped branch tips.  I wanted a lemon tree, I have a seedling started but would be so nice to have a producing plant and by the time the seedling is capable of flowering, hopefully female, this plant could be in its weeping stages… Although I have not looked up how long citrus trees produce for just yet. 

My string of pearls is doing well and the two cuttings I started also are doing well.  Once is now spoken for.  A friends mother has been looking for the plant and isn’t able to get out much, when she asked where to find it and mentioned her MIL, I said she could have a pot and will bring it with the Ninja Hat for her little guy.  

This upcoming month I will start posting then & now photos of my plants. It would be nice to see how far some of them have come.

Alright, my Organice Sweet Dreams tea is finished, the cats are fidgeting waiting for me to get to bed. 

Love & Light 


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