I managed to take over 300 photo’s at my nephew’s party Sunday! I really didn’t even have the camera in my hands all that much and they kids mainly played on the trampoline and well I still feel awkward just taking photos of people I see once or occasionally twice a year.  I got a snapped a few good shots of smiling kids although D has a nack for keeping his back to the camera (and everyone else while opening gifts) hahaha he really is a unique little man!!! I had a great time as always and ate waaaay too much food. So this week I work on editing a few of the photos and uploading them for everyone who was there to see.
Aunt and Cousin made a stunning cake for the lil man that I must share, although I wish I had taken photos of it outside rather than inside

Now the ladies say they were pressed for time what they did this..
Just too fun I think! The rocks are candy and what little boy doesn’t like a dino toy?! Especially one that has icing on the feet to lick off 😉

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