It’s been forever.
I really am terrible at this blogging thing.  There is so much to update about and yet I’m typing with no real topic to go on, feel like rambling I suppose.
I wish I could say I will be putting more effort into this but soon schooling will start and I have no idea how this blog will work it’s way into my time.

I am so excited and also nervous about schooling.   It’s been a decade since I’ve done anything with my education and well back then there wasn’t Facebook or Google and uploading assignments online by a certain time was a brand new concept.
Now I have my teacher as a friend on Facebook and soon there will be a group created to interact with as this is an online course for Medical Herbalist. Next year will involve clinical hours every month and oh boy THAT will be nerve wracking, but I am really looking forward to this forward movement in life.   Thinking about writing papers and doing research rattled me a little bit until my bestie assured me resources and material are, of course, provided.  My mind had done a downward spiral thinking about how to go about navigating the internet for credible information, which made me think about how great books are and then my mind leads to being young and going to the big city’s library to do research, this only happened a couple of times, but the library was amazing and I knew how to use the index to find what I needed easily.  I may just have to check out the library just for the hell of it or to get the studious feeling, heck maybe it will help me focus because I really could use some better focus and less scattered-brain-ness.
So to prepare for schooling, I got a laptop and will add some extra RAM to it this weekend so it runs fast and smooth. I’ve got some baby hats to make still so that’s become a priority to get these loose ends all sewn in and finished to clear my plate off.   Working full time and now school is going to be a lot of work but so worth it in the end.  I am really looking forward to this.
I’m picking up overtime shifts for the next coupe of weeks, then a weekend of taking the kids to Clovermead and then school will be started. Will be busy!


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