Autumn Fishing



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  1. boristoronto says:

    Wow nice shot. what river is this?

    1. really it’s just a little creek around Delhi Ontario. Some years we see salmon and trout there.

      1. boristoronto says:

        Some years? So no regular runs? Shame it looks like a good place for them. The Salmon runs have been hitting the GTA rivers and creeks pretty good this year.

      2. I’m sure there are small regular runs there as we have met the MNR there before. Just not our usual spot to go. We try to get up to the Bronte or Credit to fish for salmon but I think we’ve missed it this year… fingers crossed there are fishing plans made for this weekend. I’m torn between my new camera and fishing hahaha hard to put the camera down long enough to cast my line out. I’m already looking forward to ice fishing

      3. boristoronto says:

        Humber is running as of two days ago. I’m currently fishing the Don river it’s having a strong run. I caught 4 yesterdays alone. I’m also hoping to give ice fishing a try this year.

      4. I think I’ll just have to tell the guys to suck it up and go Sunday.
        Ice fishing isn’t for everyone it seems. I love it. I knit with merino (a type of sheep) and alpaca which makes a huge difference in the winter and the wind. I didn’t have any gear at all a couple of years ago and stuck it out, slowly started getting real winter gear makes a big difference. Lake Simcoe is a good spot in the winter. Just always be careful and have a rope and compass for white outs. Have fun!

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