Wonderful Gift

My birthday is coming soon…. Hubby has been all excited about my present.  I think he came up with the idea a few weeks ago and has been boasting about how he knows what he’s getting me.  His excitement is really cute.  But with his excitement, he has no patience and sees no reasons to wait for a specific day to give the gift.  So he comes home wearing new work boots and tosses the box beside me (I had yet to see he was actually wear the boots) and tells me to check them out.  Open the box to a Simms Dry Hip bag.  It’s a fishing bag. The idea is it’s a new camera bag.  By making a small foam square or more of a cube, my camera will be able to sit inside the cube and be inside a nice, water resistance bag.
The description from the Simms website:
Light, agile, and brimming with stay-dry storage solutions, Simms’ waterproof Dry Creek™ Hip Pack is a minimalists’ go-to with maximized potential. Built from rugged and waterproof TPU coated fabrics, with a roll-top closure, the pack rides comfortably thanks to high loft, closed-cell foam back panels and a cushioned non-absorbent waistband. Fishing features include retractor docking stations for tools and tippet spools, a fast-drying front wet-storage compartment with laser-cut porting, and loop Velcro® patches ready for flies and add-on Simms accessories.”

Being that I don’t actually go wading up to my chest in water or go swimming, this bag is perfect. it straps to my waist wonderfully.  I may need to make an adjustment so as the belt doesn’t slip as it does do that.  A simple snap or bit of velcro will do the trick nicely.  I will still be able to carry some fishing equipment or a lens or two easily in this bag and be able to climb up and down river banks with ease as well as follow trails with the camera behind my back where it is the most protected.  I will make something to attach to the belt to as a bottle holder and a way to hold my rod while I take photos.  I’m very excited and Hubs has already been thinking of ideas for customization for me as well.  I love when his creative juices are flowing! He’s such a man of little words but his actions are grande.


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