Taking My Tea Obsession to New Heights

I recently tried Kombucha, a fermented probiotic tea, YUM!!
So it turned into drinking a bottle a day after the first week I tried it.  The store selection leaves much to be desired.  I’ve had to Divine Grape, Mango Coconut something -er-other and the Ginger one.  The grape is my favorite so far and the mango is alright.  I think I either have to be in the mood to drink the ginger or not feeling well because the first bottle I had was alright. But the second time I tried it I couldn’t finish it as hard as I tried.
Anyways, a couple weeks ago I decided this is something I like and am going to make myself. It’s about $4 a bottle in the stores and I would like to have a bottle a day. So I found someone on Etsy that is only a couple hours away and got a Scoby.  I was excited for the arrival of this in the mail and in the meantime purchased and read, Kombucha! which got me even more excited; I had a glass jar and had broken the lid months ago, the replacement part I found online and is cheap but has just sat in my open browsers on my phone. Now I looked at how many bottles I had, for some reason I had it in my mind a dozen were needed… well I now have a total of 21 bottles and refuse to buy any more store bought ‘booch.
What is Kom-BOO-cha you ask?
Well my dear, it’s this lovely, all natural drink; it’s fizzy and very slightly.. almost unworthy of mentioning a trace amount of alcohol. Oh I haven’t even mentioned the best part yet!!  It’s actually healthy!!!!
Joint Care
Gut Health and Digestion
Immune Boosting
Food Renegade gets more in depth with each of those
I keep seeing it Fights Cancer
Liver Support
Weight Loss
Clear Skin
PMS Relief
In another blog here.
Kombucha tea is rich in Vitamin B, organic acids, amino acids, active enzymes and polyphenol anti-oxidants; Organic acids like butyric acid, acetic acid, oxalic acid, lactic acid and gluconic acid.

Anyways, the Scoby I mentioned before is the mother, the culture, what makes it all Kombucha really. Do you ever remember getting a bag of wet dough as a child that came with a index card of how to care for this dough and how to make bread and then to pass it along to friends? It was my first “chain mail” experience. This could be like that other than receiving a scoby isn’t the most appealing thing.  As my sister commented on my photo “That looks fucking gross!!” hahaha I don’t think it would be a popular fad just yet.


Scoby arrives!
I shall call you Scoby

So the next day I was busy! I went out and got everything I needed to make the sweet tea. Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Black and Green tea, Natural Spring Water and cotton napkins.

1: Clean work area and supplies, rinse rinse rinse
2: Brew water and let the tea bags steep
3: Once steeped remove bags but don’t squeeze them
4: Stir in 1 cup of sugar til dissolved and let sweet tea cool
5: Pour the concentrated sweet tea into fermentation vessel
6: Top up with Spring Water
7: Add 1-2 cups starter tea or vinegar
8: Plop in Scoby!
9: Cover with tight woven material, I used two cloth napkins just ’cause I could.
10: Place in a spot, not in direct light and approx 4 ft away from plants (this was almost difficult for me but I re-arranged and jungle-ized my bedroom)

Container Size and amount chart







Day 1

Freshly Made


Day 3

Scoby chillin in the corner


A film starting, it’s hard to see
Photo with the good camera. See Scoby bottom left
Photo with flash; made the film much more visible but it isnt that white


Day 5

So today is the day I have read to try it. Since there isn’t any signs of mold (WUHOO!!) I took of the cover, washed my hands really well.. got a straw.. I stuck my finger in there to move some of the film so I could get the straw in there and try a sip…

Day 5
Well hello there

WOW! I wasn’t expecting the top layer to actually be as solid as it is. Say Hello to Baby Scoby! I think it’s doing rather well.

Day 5
A baby Scoby is born!!!

It was very interesting to taste. I used green and black tea in this one, I could taste both and some sweetness but it was also tangy and kinda tart.
Tomorrow morning I’m going to pick up some Organic Grape Juice and bottle a couple and then finish the rest on the weekend and see what the taste difference is.

This so far is a fun hobby and I’ve enjoyed the process thus far!  I am going to make some adjustments to my herbal cabinet and make a designated spot for a couple brewing vessels. Exciting!!

If you haven’t tried Kombucha yet I highly recommend you do!

Love &Light



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