It’s bottling time!!!
I just went to the store and picked up some organic raspberries and grape juice and pomegranate with blueberry juice.
So as always the first step is to clean everything and rinse very well.
I started peeling the labels off all the jars but after so long it’s a little much.

Everything is ready to go

So with clean hands I picked up the top layer, which is the baby and fished out the mother in the bottom and set them on a plate for the time being.

UntitledThere’s the mother (brown) The baby is folded in half but do you see how it already has two layers to it and one is sitting flat.

The Scoby feels pretty cool, I’m really enjoying this new hobby!
Now that I have my fermented tea, first stage of kombucha, which is drinkable now if you want the benefits but don’t like fizz… I actually grew up with a girl who didn’t like pop because of the fizz!! Now I take the ladle and funnel, fill the bottles but leave room for fruit or juice. I don’t think I used enough juice but it’s all a learning experience right??
I filled to a little less then 3/4 and topped with juice leaving some room at the top still. I read too much space will result in less fizz.


Saving for the mother, babies and next batch!


Grape – Raspberry – Pomegranate & Blueberry
For now

So I bottled 6 today and might get a 7th one out of it in the morning as I want to try one with more juice in it. Now they get to second ferment! I will pick up a plastic bin with a lid to be the second ferment station. Something that can be cleaned when a bottle explodes!! That will also keep the kitties safe from flying glass and just all contained.
I’m excited about brewing. I have so many friends that would benefit from this and what a better way to introduce them to it than to make it myself and have fun with it. I have another glass jar that is missing a lid that the baby may just go into so I will be double brewing, just to be sure that I label and do them on different days so it’s more a continuous cycle.


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