My homemade kombucha is great! I had my first bottle of home brew at a friend’s birthday gathering. It wasn’t what I had hoped for. I thought it was going to fizz up, it was a bottle of raspberry and people had been cautioning about how fizzy raspberry can get. Dud. We played Cards Against Humanity and had a blast. It was a great night and I needed it.
So then on Wednesday the 16th I decided I’m going to to need more of the first ferment, I already had a second jar that was missing a lid so why not just get it started already and put it to use.
Christmas Day I bottled again but I had forgotten to get more Organic Cane Sugar so had to wait til Sunday to replenish the sweet tea. While I was at the Bulk Barn I checked out the glass jars. One of a large jars was only $12.99 and I hope is a whopping 2 gallons! Between myself and my bestie… I think we may need a huge jar each to bottle enough for a bottle a day each. The thought of drilling a hole to add a spigot, which would allow me to continuous brew…. has crossed my mind. I think today we shall stop and measure the jar for more pondering.
I haven’t gone too far with flavouring just yet. I’ve been using organic Concord grape juice, pomegranate & blueberry, and my homemade elderberry syrup. Oh yeah! And the crushed raspberries the first time. When I bottled on Christmas Day, I did a small bottle of apple cider! I was afraid to add a small amount of cinnamon, opted to be able to dust the top of the glass with some fresh cinnamon while drinking.
Recently I came across a flavouring guide and also someone posted a photo of a slice of banana in their bottles. It’s supposed to be winter here so strawberries aren’t in season or shipped here, at least organic ones are hard to find but organic bananas are almost always sold out, so I grabbed a bag of frozen strawberries. I think I will purée them and do a slice of banana. I am excited to watch that ferment!! Yes I have always known I am weird! I can handle a paintbrush and a hammer…..
Anyways here’s the flavour guide :1010//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsI finally have every bottle washed and scrubbed of any sticky residue and from here on out I will buy flip top bottles. The labels are being designed over the next week, I am SO EXCITED. Might even paint some bubbles n whatnot above the label for added flair if I find a durable paint. This bit of time off of work has my creative juices flowing. I hope to get the words planed out on the one board today and get it carved out over this week, see how long it takes me; then I stain it and assemble. I am very happy I ended up with the thicker wood for the base… after seeing the size of the 2 gallon jars it will need the strength. It’s terrible though… I have yet to decide what to do the bottom as… Covers shelves… Drawers… One drawer? How big? I’ve just winged this project from the start so I will wait to be able to put it all together and set up the ‘booch. Get a feeling for what’s needed next. I know I can get creative here and I don’t want to rush it. I have antique locks and their keys I could use as well. The setup of essential oils has yet to be determined as well. A visit to the craft store is needed and pondering some more. In the end… it will be perfect and one of a kind. Already so in love with it hahahahaha 1022//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js


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