Happy New Year Everyone!

I’m not huge on these types of celebrations. Are you? Are you one to make resolutions? 
I try, but ultimately they always get changed: becoming a better person, finding a better job, eating better… always pretty general stuff. They’re never anything spectacular or life changing.

This year is going to be different. Some big changes, like letting go of negativity.

Maybe a celebration is what I need. I need something to help define that this is in fact, a new year, and to metaphorically wipe my slate clean and begin fresh. I’ve always had a problem with letting go of certain things; an upbringing where I was belittled and abused has instilled an unhealthy thought process. I have come quite a long way compared to how I thought of myself, say 8 years ago. It has been one hell of a spiritual journey.

This year I will channel my inner artist and reconnect with that part of my soul. I will keep an art journal, experiment with different mediums, and simply create like I used to. It feels like a lifetime, yet I always used to have a sketchbook with me and everyone was accustomed to me sketching away. My childhood best friend, Pamela and I would encourage and challenge each other. It was always interesting to draw same thing and see just how different our styles are. My best memories as a child consist of late nights, movie “watching”, and drawing with Pam. How I got the artist’s block I don’t know… I am ashamed I let it go for so long. To be able to say my art teacher told me she would be happy to be a referral to any art school, without me even asking; now a blank page is almost haunting. I’m not sure how many people can truly see just how beautiful a blank piece of paper can be. It’s funny because I’ve always been particular about my art supplies. Things needed to be just so. I wouldn’t let others carry my pencil case and flipped out if they flicked/tapped my case or any of the supplies inside. It breaks the lead! Supplies don’t come by cheap either. I can remember the look on mother’s face when I bought my first set of Prismacolor pencil crayons for something like $50. Just walking around the art store made her eyes huge and her look was disapproving. I paid for my own supplies in high school.
Anyways, I’m currently finishing up a sockhead hat for my bestie… the first knit of 2016!! Three days to complete, not too shabby at all! I don’t think I will knit another one for some time now. I want to knit socks now. Hubby got me a sock needle set for Christmas and I picked out some yarn. I am so excited to make myself some socks!! The yarn is beautiful with its self striping colours. I wasn’t sure about the yellow in the yarn but once I saw how it knits up, I really like it.
I am hopeful 2016 will be a good year. There are always ups and downs, but I have been praying and sending out positive energy for a big change. I really hope this new beginning I envision for myself will be realized. 


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