Doing it yourself is a wonderful thing. It’s customized to your needs for a fraction of the price.  
I finally got my herbal hutch put together. It is not complete but thanks to my wonderful sister I now have the basic idea done and can start to gather more details for completion. This project really grew! I started out wanting something to hold my essential oils which then grew to wanting to be able to store jars of dried herbals….

so I had stained some wood to make a wall shelf and for some reason just didn’t assemble it right away. Then I started thinking it should be a cabinet and had envisioned more of an altar. I started brewing and realized this was going to be the perfect place to set my fermentation vessels. I need to upgrade to the 2 or 3 gallon jars and am going to check them out at the store tomorrow and get some dimensions. I am so happy with the results so far!! It feels amazing to have a real place for all this stuff and once it is completed… carvings and all… it is going to be a unique piece! Getting this put together, to this point, gets another work-in-progress project out of the way so it’s not whispering to me while I’m making art. I picked up a much needed tool in the art of pastel, the bic pen lid. Never chewed pen lids because they are great for pastels. It was funny how nostalgic looking for the right pens was. It is such a wonderful feeling to finally have my art supplies and desk set up; it’s been far, far too long. I can remember the day my ex threw away my oil and chalk pastels saying we would get more once we have a place; crazy how things like that just stick. Now I have a memory of Hubs taking me to the art store, giving an old man who was begging $10, asking him to get a meal. He came into the store and paid for my supplies, scoffing at me digging for change hahahahaha, it was still under $8 and brand name stuff! I checked Walmart… well let’s just say my favourite art store is by far the best bang for your buck!  

I also got a couple pieces of plywood cut for the cupboards that have never had shelves in them. I’m excited to put them in tomorrow and paint. Organization!! I had always thought this place was relatively organized but the last couple of weeks I’ve really changed this place around. 

Photos will come in the next couple of days. 

My stuff finally has a place and it looks and feels amazing!


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