Trying to be Creative

The past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a project I cannot go into detail here (yay for being stalked) but what I will say is wow. I can’t believe I never realized just how much time I used to spend drawing and creating. With knitting it seems like you get a product, you still have a product with art… It’s just not practical in ways. That’s not a problem for me, I recently came to the realization that not everyone can see the effort and time put into a piece of artwork regardless of the medium. The last two days outside of work, I have been hunched over part of this project. A day spent trying to make stencils and still not getting what I wanted out of non-stencil material. This part was started 4 days ago and was completed last night. Just a coat of finishing spray is left and I am please with the results.  I am lucky enough to have one of the best art stores of Canada in the neighbouring city where my best friend lives, I just love going to this creative space! The owner has three masters and is the sweetest man. I could spend hours in the store looking at everything.

I’ve had moments of inspiration and moments of emotion; emotion from the past that this piece brings up. It’s all very dear to my heart. I have recently found an artist who has inspired me again. She’s on Instagram as Terrifloss and I find her work mesmerizing. I have prepped of couple small canvases in black and experiment. I do think the black paint will react differently than a black canvas but I have to start somewhere right?
Wish me luck!


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